Selection quality lowered?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JoeProsser94, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. So my mate got in to the army now and is currently at Harrogate. But he was telling me about people at selection got in, that had failed the run in the correct time, and some people couldn't/still can't do pullups but they managed to pass.

    Is this possible?

    I'm curious.. I've been training for about 4 months now and I'm not running the 1.5 mile any faster yet.. But I am able to run 4 miles straight now.. so I've built my stamina up pretty well now. Just my speed. But still, answer the main question and read please, thank you.
  2. My understanding is that you need to pass your final PFT and CFT (for your trade) in order to pass out, when you get in to basic it's a gradual fitness build up in order to pass both these tests. This is for adult entry i would imagine junior may be the same.

    I'm confuessed are you saying about selection at ADSC or while in the army during basic?
  3. Hello fella, at the end of the day if it is true does it really matter? Dont think about minimum standards go to ADSC and smash it, stop thinking about other people and focus on getting the career by putting in 110% effort!!!!!
  4. ADSC mate. :)
  5. Yeah good thinking man.
    I don't think about anyone else, just get nervous I wont do it in the required time.
  6. Forget about the "pass" standard. If the army has more applicants than vacancies, it will only choose the best. Do as well as you can.
  7. Whats your exercise routine like? you should be doing the run in at least 11mins if you been training regulary with intervals, hill sprits and long slow runs.
  8. I've only recently added intervals.. and they're on a treadmill.

    I'm starting to do tempo runs now. Running at an increased pace on a long distance run for shorter times like 15-20 minutes to help build up my speed until I can get it up to 40 minutes at that better speed.
  9. Sign up here fella and get the Army training poster online. Find a hill aswell and do intervals, sprint up walk/jog down and repeat as much as you can without dying or injuring yourself so start at about 6 and increase by 1-2 a week. That will give you explosive speed and strength!!! And get a chin up bar to practice heaves.
    Army Fit
  10. JoeProsser94 aim off L_N hes a glorifed bullsh1tter dude. Looking back to my training and selection some guys didnt achieve the standard required for their job choice (for example 1.5 mile for inf should be under 10:30) however still got into training but had to achieve it to pass out. But as it was said earlier in the post, forget what time you NEED.. and get the BEST time you can. Good luck dude.
  11. Mince i have no time to hijack anymore threads or to engage in foreplay with you, help the guy out or stop talking shite and get lost.
  12. You will find i actually answered his thread. However i didnt come here and brag about my phys routine, bore off lizard.
  13. Get of the treadmill and find grass to run on, easier on your legs than concrete and believe ,me when i say running outside is a some what different affair to running in a air con gym on a machine that drags you along. Chappy it just doesnt take into factors such as wind resistance , cold and heat plus to have to push ALL your body along without a belt fed under you. Its only practical to do what you will do at ADSC, basic and rest of your career, you wouldnt do bicep curls to improve pull ups would you. Speaking of which forget the weights, bodyweight exercise is what you will do like push-ups, pull-ups, dips lunges, squats etc which is functional everyday strength also. Trust me doing weights is only good for doing weights, it doesnt transfer into everday life or military exercise. In fact bodybuilders have and would struggle in military training!!!! No need for a beach body, just resistant endured muscles which require high reps of 15-20+. In any bodweight or natural movement you use dozens upon dozens of muscles in complete harmony which make it superior to weight training which isolate a set of muscles. There is only a few exceptions such as deadlift, squat etc, the human body just doesnt work like that even just to pick up a glass it takes dozens of muscles!!!!
  14. your not making things any better for yourself are ya
  15. While physical fitness is key, there are other important factors you're graded on such as your attitude / confidence & your ability to work as part of a team.

    Obviously you should hit ADSC / basic with a good level of physical fitness but if you show that you can work well with others, aren't shy / introverted & can do as you're told / not gobbing off then you'll still score high - the army can make you fitter but it can't give you a personality transplant.

    After the medical, people generally fail at team tasks as opposed to the fitness tests.

    As already mentioned Joe, switch your running to road / grass, improve your aerobic endurance first (don't worry about distance / speed, just work on increasing the time first) & churn out sets of body weight resistance exercises (press ups, sit ups, dips, pull ups, squats etc).