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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Armydreamer, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    i heard u had to be able to run a mile and a half in about 14 minutes for a girl ... at the selection process

    I can run a mile and a half in 11 minutes 40 atm .. on a treadmill
    i was wondering if this as the same as running normally outside

    i do it at speed 8.2 with no incline

    if anyone has any advice on this id be really greteful
    and what else the army selection process wants of me ?

    i know sits ups and press ups i was wondeirng what more to expect ?

    any replys would be gratefully appreicated

    I am hoping to join up about august 2009:)
  2. It's different, in the sense that its a smooth even surface on a treadmill, as well as it being a different range of muscle movement to the real thing.

    There are no press ups or sit up tests on selection.

    You will do a Jerry can carry, Static lift, dynamic lift, back extensions, pull ups and the 1.5 mile run, and if you've suffered from asthma in the past syprometry testing on an excercise bike. Other than that, jobs a good 'un.
  3. Forgive me.....speed 8.2 on a treadmill........2.4km in 11mins 40?? Are you sure this is correct?

    I only ask because recently I did a 2.4km on a treadmill and I had the speed set to 13 for the km then 12 for the other 1.4 and my time was about 11mins 30 give or take....
  4. your not the only one that has been worried, look at bikerchics thread

    and then look how happy she was when she completed her rsw

    although i use a treadmill at the gym i go out every weekend on a longer run, i try to avoid tarmac and stick to paths and tracks. don't rely on the treadmill times, get out there and see what you can do. If ur keen about this you might want to think about some preperation for selection and hopefully your basic training, if your body is not use to carrying the addtional weight of all your kit you might be risking injury.

    I've gota set route which is 3 mile in total, use your first 1 1/2 m as a warm up then give it ur best on the next 1 1/2m.

    Theres the summer challenge as well which could give you a good insight into the TA.

    Best of luck...
  5. was the 8.2 mph and the 12 kmph??
  6. Maybe.....however I was once told by a gym instructor all the treadmills are built to the same speed (km) wherever you go? Is that right or was she talking bullcrap?? (never actually believed it personally)

    I apologise if I am mistaken however
  7. the ones i use have a load of extra crap added on, all touch screen $hit you end up nearly puttin ur hand though the screen and putchin it when it aint responding to you pressing these tiny touch buttons.

    On top of all that there is all incline and custom program stuff. You can change from km to mph, feet to metres for the incline bits, if you can run 12 mph for 1 1/2 miles your better than me (not that hard),

    my instructor warned me i would end up at the back of the gym without prior warning if i tried to be superspeedy, so i try to keep between 7mph and 9mph (11.2km and 14.5km).

    speedy (no so speedy at present cos my feet r fcuked)
  8. I stand corrected :oops:
  9. its best not to train on a treadmill when i went for selection this bloke said he could it in something 10mins (on the tredder) but within 2 mins of running on the tarmac he was crawling and just made the cut off time! I haven't been no where a tredmill and just ran on the road etc but each to their own just warning

    good with everything anyway
  10. A good thing to do if you're just gettin your fitness up with the treadmill is to set the incline to 2 which is gonna give you a slightly more realistic feeling in the ole muscles.

    Also, start introducing short jogs at some stage during the day outside rather than the treadmill. You'll be sorted before you know it.
  11. Get off the treadmill and go for a proper run. Running on a treadmill bears no resemblance to running on rolling ground, through streams, up hills etc. You're much better off running properly as much as possible and steering clear of the treadmill. Run on as wide a variety of surfaces as you can, and on rolling ground; much better preparation than just jogging away in the gym watching MTV.
  12. Thanks for all the advice really helps

    can you reccomend any exercieses for the

    the pull ups

    an the lifts

    that i may have to do

    as im lost for thought on that one

    an as from now i shall start running outside and a bit on the treadmill

    them damn things can be so decieving !!!
  13. Only way to practice pullups is to actually do them, can get one from argos for about a tenner.
  14. i thought the run was to build up stamina, so if you was running on a treadmill for longer periods of time and at a certain speed, if you kept on doing this, and then for the main test, take it outside, wont you stand a better chance, of running and not getting tired, i do understand the fact that these treadmills do not stand any comparison to running on the tarmac. because, you would have built up your stamina to be able to withstand longer times, i only say this, because i have never been a fan of running out doors, but that doesn't mean to say i wouldn't do it, its just I'd rather run on the treadmill than outdoors, but that's just me preference.
  15. Are you sure the army's the right choice of career for you ? : )
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