selection... please help


I'm just really looking for some advice. i've got my selection in 4 days, i'm 19 and female and i am SO nervous! my run time is not exactly great either and i've been sitting reading through loads of stuff about the 1.5 run getting more and more worried! I'm planning on running at least 2 times a day so i should have it around the 12.30 mark by selection.

any advice on how to calm my nerves and any info about what i should expect would be greatly appreciated!

i have had a lot of info about selection, but i think that it's better to hear it from someone whos already done it.

Nothing to be nervous about really - I was sh*tting bricks before selection but was fine once I got there. As long as you keep your ears open and mouth shut you'll do fine. If you go to Glencorse then you can look forward to some hilarious comments from the staff there and the food is rather nice as well.

As for the actual selection, as long as you give it your best then you should be alright - I definately wasn't the fittest person there and I still passed with relative ease.

You'll be fine.
Yes, don't worry about it.

Take the advice given and you'll have no probs.

Your run time is fine and the course at Glencourse isn't exactly the most taxing.

Best of luck.
Don't over do the training with only 4 days to go. I only gave myself 1 days rest before selection and was knackered.

As for feeling nevous; just remember everyone else is probably feeling the same, plus there will be plenty of mongs there that will make you look good (thats how I passed).
Don't worry too much ShizNiz, I have my selection in 3 days and yes, I am nervous, but it's going to be a good experience, just think positive thoughts - YOU CAN DO IT!!! ;)

Everyone at selection will be nervous, it's natural, too a certain extent it's good to feel 'butterflies in stomach' as it helps prepare you, so just go with it!

concerning your training, focus on nice light runs, nothing too strenuous and give your body a couple of days rest before selection.

at the end of the day, if you want this badly enough, you will pass - how badly do YOU want it? Just focus on positive thoughts and extinguish any negative.

Remember: Breath in through the nose, out through the arrse ;)
I remember my selection last year, it was my birthday on the 20th Jan so I headed out and got steaming for a few days and on the 22nd the AFCO rang and said can you go tomorrow, I said yes - Got there pretty much still steaming from my 4day b'day bender and still passed with immense ease. I was cacking my pants before I got there like you are now but once its over and done with you'll realise there was nothing to be nervous about !!
This has been covered many times before so I will not dwell on semantics but best of luck on your recruit selection course, you should do well. You, on passing recruit selection to join HMF, and, after a bit of time, will understand the difference between selection and Selection. and why some get excited about it. Best of luck.

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