Selection-Pirbright 16th July 2007..

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SaMc_LRFC, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum but i've been reading some of the posts for a while now so i thought i'd register :)

    I'm going to selection at pirbright tomorrow (i'm 15, nearly 16) and i'm hoping to attend Harrogate in January 2008. I play rugby and i've got quite a solid stature (i'm not a fat git!), i can do the mile and a half in 9- 9 and a half minutes but i'm worried about my BMI (currently 26.5), do you think that will be an issue if i'm fit enough to pass selection?


  2. All I can say is be ready to be wrapped up in a pink fluffy blanket if you pass and arrive :p
  3. I'm sure thats funny, but sadly i don't get it :)

  4. oink oink maybe that helps
  5. You never know mate, best of luck anyway, foods great!
  6. Im heading there tomorrow to begin basic.

    See you all !
  7. At Harrogate basically you don't get beasted as much as adult entry.. that's what I mean :p
  8. oh right... i see what you mean actually [edited]

    anyway, i passed...BMI was no problem or fat ratio, anyway..going to harrogate in january, thanks for the replies people..i'll probably post next month some time :)
  9. Lol.. was that abuse before ;)

    Seriously I mean like treated like a kid sometimes.. not the same methods used according to my mates (NOT ME).
  10. lol no it wasnt abuse! i just didnt get the joke at first and had to read over so my reply didnt make the slighest bit of sense :)

    I've heard different things from different people about harrogate, some say that they pissed their way through no problems and others said that they found it bloody hard, i've just got to wait and see now i guess.

  11. Harrogates a great place and my son passes out from there in August, a year sounds a long time but it will help you mature better and not as big of learning curb as adult entry is. He's been Ski-ing to Austria since he's been there and a battle field tour in Europe so plenty of work had play hard there for you. Im sure you will Enjoy yourself :D