Selection + Phase 1

I'm off to selection tomorrow in Lichfield and was wondering if any of you could give me any tips for it?

I been told to think of everything I'll be doing as something different..?

I'll be honest, I have no idea what the hell is meant by that.

Also, if I pass the selection I been told that I'd be going to PH1 around Feb/March time. I'm joining the Royal Sigs and wondering what's it like really, I know the basics of what I'll be doing but not the detail, like what will I be doing in PT sessions, log run for instance.. how long will I have to run with it etc?

I'm no good at swimming, I can swim like.. but not at a good distance. I have trouble with breathing and shit.. are there any swimming tests within the army training that I will need to pass?
I wen to lichfield on 9th of june first day there is alot of waiting around whilst people have their medicals. You do a hearing test, eye test, medical including getting ur cok out for the doctor thats the borring side and the good part of Lichfield you do a Jerry can carry, 1.5 mile run but you do an 800 meter warm up run straight into your 1.5 so in affect your running just over 2 miles, strenght test e.g back shoulders and lifting weight over your head, pull ups and you also do team building skills on this little course with boxes and planks of wood then you have final interview and sent back home.... I start basic on Sunday for Royal Welsh what you going for~?.........
Royal Welsh? niice, my neighbour's in the RW, 2nd Reg I think and I'm off into the Royal Signals like, will hopefully pass selection and enjoy the process tomorrow now. If I do that, I can just relax about joining up knowing it's kind of all settled that I'm going in.
the interview is just them basically telling you you passed and your scores on the tests they ask you a couple question like are you in any debt do you know the policy on drugs and they ask you about family support and background information.
every ADSC varies, i was at glencorse last month and the interview was simple. what are you wanting to join, how does your fiancee feel about it and family? and that was it...then hold on while i put your numbers in and the computer will give me a grade. congratulations you passed with an A grade, i wish you all the luck with you future. that was it and i had a big smile afterwards, a few beers with the boys and away home.
Regards to your question about what you do in PT, if any f**ker remembers it all i'll be surprised. Basically it's progressive, first run will be a couple of miles for example, at the end you could be running 7 or 8 miles. You may not even do a log run, the sessions tend to vary depending on the staff and the way they like to do things but one thing is for certain unless you are running an 8 minute PFT already your fitness will improve by quite a considerable amount. You do circuits etc as well. Basically the phys you do at basic is an introduction to PT, bog standard simple sessions, turn up with ironed kit etc and do the session as per, but as you progress through your career PT will be a lot different, wearing your own stuff and a squadron t-shirt with music in circuits and the effort you put in is pretty much down to you. Hope this helps, any questions, don't hesistate

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