Selection Medical

They still doing the bollocks and cough test, dnt like the idea of my nuts being played with personally(well by any1 other then my gf lol) just wondering
Yes they do, its not the worst part though, while in your underwear you have to squat and walk across the room whilst squating, looks funny. Then you just have to bend over for the doctor. :D
Doc shoved 2 fingers up my arrse on my initial medical.

None too happy about it I can fcuking tell you.


I had to beg him to do it in the end but it was worth it :D
Yeah I got the old finger too. At the end the Doc asked what was wrong, I said "well doc I have to be honest, I was a little suprised when you put your finger up my arrse" He turned to me and said "well imagine my suprise sometimes, when I have a recruit and I put my finger up his arrse and there is room for another"
In the old days.....the Doc to used examine ya tonsils via ya arrse...
always make him cut his finger nails first.....ouch

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