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selection in lichfield next week


has anyone got any tips for selection at lichfield

is anyone else goin for selection on the 25th june

thanks to anyone that replies
i dont know about lichfield but i have done my selection at pirbright.. i can give you some idea of what will happen if u want?
Beast yourself on the run, listen to the DS and dont be the grey man on the command tasks. Oh and dont strut around big timing it if you pass, be proud but theres a long way to go yet. Good luck fella.
the hardist thing is the final interview...like i said in my last post get running some hills alot more during ya jogs because there is a hill on the 1.5 mile run at litchfield and you will run up it 2 times and the last time round it kills ya
dont be the grey man, jus try and mix well with everyone and help out the weaker members, and be confident on your ice breaker, even if you make shi up so your life is more intresting!!
good luck any way, its not as hard as you think!!

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