Selection in a week!


Hi all i'v got my selection in a week and was wondering what to do fitness wise? take it easy or train hard for 5 days then rest for a couple before the date?

Cheers Ollie
Too late to do anything now, relax and rest, train hard for 5 days will tire you and screw you up, if however you haven't ran in eons, then I would advise a short "blow out" run early in the week and then have a bloody hard look at yourself for not preparing.

oh and good luck


Proberly didn't make it clear, i go running most nights and do press-ups and sit-ups etc, but was wondering shell i carry on as normal or slow it down or speed it up

Just carry on as normal, dont do anything the night before and dont try and push yourself any harder than usual between now and then to avoid injury. What tests do you have to do? If there is a mile and a half run I always used to say to myself its only a mile and a half and the quicker I run, the quicker its over!

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