selection in a few week I have a few medical questions

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chris42, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Just a bit worried when I have my medical at selection because if you go off my BMI I am 2 stone over weight! I do have a bit of excess weight on me but I can do the 1.5 mile in ten minutes and can do all the other fitness requirements heaves etc. just worried that they will mark me down on my weight! and also what do the do on this medical do you have to strip off or what!
  2. You have to have a mandatory enema because your so fat, it's the only way your going to loose the weight.
  3. you've failed the eye sight test already,

    use the search function.
  4. Don't worry too much mate, they won't fail you for being a little bit flabby, as long as it's not a big problem towards your fitness and your working to solve the issue.

    As for the medical..from what i can remember:

    Cough and drop test (yes, she/he will grab your lovepole ;))
    Urine test
    Eyesight test
    Audio test
    General body examination

    Nothing really to worry about, you all medically sound as far as you know?
  5. whats a drop and cough test!!!!
  6. take your pants off, squat down, she'll cup your balls in her hand, you cough, your balls move. hopefully.

    if you close your eyes you can pretend it's some kind of sex act..
  7. haha ok well id prefer a woman doc cuppin my bollocks instead of a guy !
  8. sept most of the woman in the army look like gordon brown
  9. Whens your selection?