Selection in 3 Weeks, help on upper body strength?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RyanSapperToBe, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, new to the forum, basically im hoping to start training in ATC Harrogate for the technical course, i am yet to go to adsc on the 13th June,
    I passed pre selection but because i am a junior and because of my build i found the upper body strength tougher than others, My best Run time is 10:26, im fine at icebreaker and teamtasks etc, Jerry can carry i find okay, situps about 50 before i start to ache, but i can only do about 15 Pressups and 2 Heaves; embarrassing i know, also the baglift only pre selection i found hard because im short so nore for me to lift above my head, i only lifted 25k and couldnt do the 30, although now i probably could, is there any really good routines or anything to help me improve on my upper body before adsc? Cheers, i just dont want to fail:(
    Seeing as theres only 3 Spaces left for the job i wanna do : RE Building and Structual Finisher, i want to get the highest grade i can so i can get one of those spaces

    Additional facts:
    Exercise 5 days a week:
    Monday: 1.5m run, 15 minutes on crostrainer, 2000m rowing, weights at gym
    Tuesday: short jog, Intervals, 15minutes crosstrainer, 2000m rowing, weights
    Wednesday: 25 Minute Run, then Crostrainer for 15, 2000m rowing, Weights
    Thursday: Boxer Circuit, 10minute treadmill intervals, 15 Crosstrainer, 2000m rowing, weights
    Friday: 1.5m run, 15 crosstrainer, 2000m rowing, weights

    When i do weights i normally do 30minutes -60 and do latte machine, chest machine, chinups, then othe excercises on dumbells, also i have whey protein 20 mins after workout

    Height: 5ft 8
    Weight: 60kg

    Haha sorry if ive written an essay i just really want to pasz and want to know of im training wrong and if ill pass/fail adsc at the current standard im at, thanks:)
  2. Try this link: FITNESS Qs & ADSC 1.5 mile run times

    The stickies are there for a reason, have a look through them and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Also, in the top right corner of the forum there's a 'Search' function.
Thread Status:
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