selection in 2 weeks

hi people i have decided to join the army and have my selection in two weeks.And was just wondering what is the best way to get my run time down in 2 weeks. I have been running the 1.5 mile in 11 mins i understand this is poor but i have been working at it. I was told if i run for about an hour that it would help can anybody suggest anything else? many thanks

Interval training is good to get your time down, sprints up hill and resistance running may help. Don't over do it just before your selection, just give it 100% when you get there.

(Those that know me will know that I have not used any of the above, but skinny fast people tell me it works quite well when they're lapping me on a BFT!)

Good luck fella!

If you're just looking to get a decent score on your 1.5mile run why spend an hour running when all you're looking at is 10mins balls out?

Shorter, faster, more intense runs will do more to improve your time than just thumb-up-arse plodding along for 60minutes. The 1.5miler is a lung buster not an endurance run so just make sure that when you run your blowing out of your arse and it feels like your head is going to explode (And then keep going)
When out running us lamp posts as markers. Jog for one then fast pace for one, build it up so you are jogging (recovery) for one and fast pace 2-3.Do this for 1/2 a mile or so and jog for 1/2 mile then repeat a couple of times. This will improve your 1.5 mile time quicker than plodding along for an hour.
Might have left it a bit late to start now though.
Good luck anyway
If you have a 400m athletics track near you its the best way to judge your pace. Its 6 laps of a track so if you can judge your pace and keep it constant it will help. Go for a jog down the track for a warm up then do.

6 laps at 1 minute 30 seconds for a 9 minute 1 1/2
6 laps at 1 minute 40 seconds for a 10 minute 1 1/2
6 laps at 1 minute 50 seconds for a 11 minute 1 1/2

obviously you can adjust these to what your capable of but as an athletics coach it works for all standards of Army runners.

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