selection . I need an answer . Please.

I salute your dedication to achieving something you obviosly want alot and the only people who can take the pish out of you with a clear conscience are people who have passed the course.

Good luck......apart from that I can't be any help whatsoever
Get in touch with the Recruiting and Induction Cell 22 SAS and they'll steer you right, these are the same people who will have taken you through your SFBC the last time you attended. If you have been before they will still have you on file. Age dispensation can be given by the CO and is quite common, although usually with Officers. Like I said, speak to RIC cell, you can get them through the exchange and they'll let you know where you stand. Good luck. :D
Haven't got a chance you old troll tosser blah, blah, blah - well seemed that you would be disappointed if no one took the pissh.

Good luck by the way.

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