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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rd18m, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering how the grading works. I know obviously the better you do, the higher the grade. But for instance if I passed with a grade B, 3 months before another recruit did with a grade A, would be be called up for basic before I did.

    Sorry if this has been done before.

  2. The system works like a list. If you score a grade B and another applicant a few months later scores a grade A, he or she will jump the list and get a place before you.

    Just try your best. As long as you put everything into it and behave there's no reason you can't come home with a grade A or high B. Only the little pricks go home with C's and D's - the applicants that aren't suitable for the army.
  3. anyone know what the actual point boundries are for each grade?
  4. Yes I do but the grades irrelavant, its not the grade its getting as higher IDST score you just put in 110%
  5. FDW

    FDW Old-Salt

    Iron, Out of interest do you need a higher score to get an A for the paras?

    I ask as I had a sprain and ran only a 9:24 at selection (8:30ish at preselection) and I only got a B, whereas lads who ran a 10:00 time for other regts got As, I was told I did really well on everything except the run, was that enough to make an A a B?

  6. Once they have assessed you on the whole of ADSC they add points onto the TRHJ system and get your final IDST score this also takes into account marks 1-6 on your run time, Basic Skills, BARB test and overall performance. When your scores go on the system and your ADSO finalises it you then will be told your score ...if over 112.64 your on a b grade if over 124.75 your on an A grade. Your placed on the Awaiting allocations list according to your score so it doesn't matter how many A grades there are as those with higher scores or who go down after you will go above your score until your allocated.It doesn't matter what job your going for IDST score grade is the same for will have to do PRAC if adult entry and as long as you have a grade at ADSC then passing PRAC is your main focus now.
  7. Iron, just wondering mate but given those scores to achieve a or b etc. Would 130.56 be considered a high A or not? Thats what I got at Selection and even though it's one of the highest they've seen in my recruitment office, I was more wondering how it scales overall throughout the country so to speak. Cheers.
  8. How does the grading system work after you complete PRAC? Do they allocate you a place for basic depending on your ADSC score
  9. Yes once you pass PRAC you are then clicked over on the system and put on the PARA waiting list (by this time a lot of those have failed PRAC so numbers less) your then allocated from your IDST score. So you have to do well on ADSC and PRAC.
  10. Today I had my 3rd interview and was very surprised when he showed me the IDST forms which basically show what points you need and how its broken down, can't believe the run is only 6 points (Although I guess it is pass/fail), I have ADSC soon and I'm raring to go, my recruiter (a Major) said I was going to 'smash it' so hopefully I will :D good luck to anyone else doing ADSC soon!
  11. Its a points system depending on your run time so 6 points if under a certain time 5 points etc....but you have a whole lot of points (1-6)to get for a number of different things like determintion, effort etc during PT session, team tasks, grenade lesson, Icebreaker so its all on overall said many times if your struggling to do 10.30 on the run you will get poor marks overall on the PT session.
  12. Yeah thats what I meant sorry, 6 points maximum for a really good run. He emphasised just putting maximum preparation and effort into everything and show you want it and they will make you fit afterwards. For reference I did my pre-ADSC and ran a 9.43 (and I was up late the night before, unavoidable :( ) so hopefully will do alot better at ADSC :)

    P.S - whilst I have the chance I would like to ask, are the questions at TST at foundation, intermediate or higher level? I have searched but couldn't find a definitive answer and want to buy some revision books tomorrow to brush up :)
  13. Any tips on how to achieve an A or B grade??
  14. Be confident, show you want it, make yourself visible and don't be the grey man. In the team tasks, if you are being quiet, you will mostly likely fail. Even if you aren't participating, shout encouragement, even if someone makes a mistake, cheer them on. When you are in your down time make a point of getting to know those around you, you are being constantly watched and assessed. Make sure your fitness is up to standard and practice your icebreaker, just be positive, as has been said before, only the divvies that aren't suited for the army get C or D grades, put every fibre of your being into showing you want it, and you will get it. Good luck.
  15. Its years ago for me and much more difficult now but you have to prepare yourself the best you can.Be fit, Be intelligent, Be well informed, Show humility and work your arse off and help your course mates .Good Luck