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alright i am training at the minute doing mile and a half run etc but can any 1 who has already been and Passed selection break it down it to parts for me so i know exactly what to do like in a list if at all possible cheers
1. Put your Trainers on.
2. Run
3.Keep running
4.Don't stop running.
5. Finish Run.
1, As soon as you get there you piss in a pot and have your medical
2, grenade test
3, strengh tests, pull ups ect
4, sleep
5, ****
5, 1.5 mile run
6, team tasks
7, final interview

With some kind of cardbord food inbetween
* Picked up at waverly
* Get given your number for the weekend
* Fill in forms on the bus
* Off the bus at ADSC , pick up pisspot and number tag
* Dump bags in room , fill pisspot
* Briefing from staff
* Medical
* Lunch
* Broken up into smaller groups
* Strength tests
* Ice breaker
* Grenade lesson
* Fart about waiting for the other groups to catch up (be regaled with tales of shagging and fighting by passing staff :D )
* Dinner
* More briefings
* Grenade test
* Be dicked as "not a mong" , mark grenade test
* Upstairs , find a bed, make it
* NAAFI for a game of pool & bottle of juice
* Back to the rooms , fart about , iron clothes for tommorrow , shower, shit , shave
* Discover nearly everyone in your room wants to be a sniper 8O
* Sleep
* Get up , make bed, clear room
* More briefings
* Breakfast
* Hang around for a while , further briefings
* Warm up / Run
* Team tasks
* Back to gym ,shower , change for interviews
* Interviews
* Go home

Alternately , read your joining instructions (FFS!)

The staff at Glencourse were brand new when I was there , just dont dick about and youll be fine.

If any of the DS take the pish , its just that , pish taking , dont look like youre about to burst into tears whatever you do , or youll have it ripped out of you all weekend (the staffs patter is awesome too ) :D

Try and get a bed next to a window and open it - Ive been scunnered with proper flu since I got back, Im only out of bed thanks to copious amounts of cocodamol. Get chatting to the guys with numbers closest to yours , youll be doing the team tasks with them.

When you get the chance to eat , eat loads (bar before the run) you'll need it , and unless youve smuggled munchies in , you wont find anything to eat lying around. Its tasty and free...

The team tasks are all about a bit of lateral thinking , get stuck in, use the nut and you'll do well.

You'll be knackered come time to go home but its well worth it , enjoy yourself & dont panic.
sunderlandlad said:
cheers for the help people and i havent got any instructions until i go down on monday anyways appreciate the help
Doesnt the letter youve been sent telling you what your date(s) are for selection have a kit list & an itinerary included?

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