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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JoshMillss, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the selection process for AFC is?
    I've filled out my application form and handed it back to my careers advisor,but I'm a little lost on whether or not I'll be able to go to AFC Harrogate.
    Many thanks
    P.S Would having an excellent medical etc help? Aswell as the gift of the gab
  2. Gift of the gab isnt going to get you anywhere whatsoever neither is having an 'excellent' medical, you are either medically fit or you arent ;)

    The gift of the gab can get you into trouble if you are too mouthy i can assure you, however if you are just showing your confidence then by all means use it :)

    The process for AFC is no different whatsoever for applying for adult training though.

    Reception and eligibility interview
    BARB and Basic skills
    RG8 medical questionnaire screening
    Recruiters interview
    Confirmatory interview
    Attestation and enlistment

    Thats it really.

    Everything in the careers office revolves around getting you through ADSC, if you pass that then depending on if you are waiting for GCSE results you can be allocated a place at AFC, if you have to wait then you get a provisional place until you produce your GCSE results.
  3. Naa,I'm dont mean GOG like arrogantly,I mean I know WHY I want to join etc
    So I'm inn year 11,15 and 7 months
    If I got through it all I'd have a fairly high chance of getting into AFC?
  4. It doesnt work on chances mate, it works on you passing through all the relevant phases of recruit selection.

    if you get through the interviews and ADSC you 'will' get AFC :)
  5. If you got through it all, you would be in. Isn't that obvious.

    Unless you wanted a higher intelligence required to enter kind of job - in which case you'd have to wait for GCSE resuls. As said before.
  6. No it isn't obvious at all,Because it looks so good.
    Out of the (I'm guessing) 1000's of people that tick the 'Army Foundation College' box at the front of their application form,How many of those would be given the chance to attend AFC Harrogate?
    Not 1000's
    So it dosen't seem fairly obvious to me at all,The obvious thing to me is your a tad on the sarcastic side.
  7. No the obvious thing is that you havent listened to your recruiter ;)

    if you apply for AFC or any other job for that matter, and pass all the relevant stages of selection you will get the job you are going for.

    The only difference with AFC is that the earlier you apply and go through selection the higher the chance of there being a vacancy, of course they can run out of vacancies but not every 'cap badge' fulfills its quota and they quite often move people into other vacancies to ensure the college is filled.

    I have seen people get through selection 2 weeks before AFC opens its gates and still make it into there on time, i have even seen people get the chance to start a week later when the selection process didnt allow them to get there on time too.

    Stop panicking about it ;)
  8. Thank the lord
    I was getting really paranoid I wouldn't get in,And it's the only path I'm willing to take into the Army
    Thanks for the help/advice :)
  9. When do you get the references?
    I know you give them in the application but I don't know when you auctually get them.
  10. An applicant submits an application form with a referee listed in it, the recruiters apply for the reference and thats it, when it turns up is entirely down to the person writing the reference.

    The reference isnt essential and is only used to partially confirm identity and also to give us another perspective on the applicant, but lets face it, we are asking applicants to supply a name and address of someone we can write to, it stands to reason the applicant is going to (in most cases) put down someone they can rely on to do that, so is its not really a particularly vital piece of information, however for junior applicants we apply for an education reference which does give us an insight to their character and more importantly predicted grades ;)
  11. Thanks for clearing that, was just wondering if i had to chase up referees to write an essay on me, lol.
  12. First you have to impress Mr Wenger ... even then you will never be guarenteed of a first team place.

  13. What happens if you don't get the grades you needed, are you fcuked then or what??
    cheers in advance
  14. The School reference was always faxed off by myself to the PSO at the RSC/ADSC prior to the applicants two day recruit selection and was in some cases the thing that could decide the fete of the applicant if he was 50/50 and as said a good character tool for the interviews. The only thing to beware of is that a lot of the career teachers/year heads who fill out the 485 up the predicted grades and this leads to massive problems when exam results released.
    Regarding the question on if an applicant doesnt get his grades required (around the 25th August ) after provissionally being allocated a place for a specific trade. Its an absolute nightmare as the applicant loses his provissional job and then between the Recruiter/allocations its a case of trying to get you in another job that was one of your 3 preferences at selection. That is why i always got the applicant to choose two jobs that required grades and the third preference that doesnt require MAQ's but they still wouldnt mind doing( Otherwise some applicants might have to go back down to ADSC again on insistance from the PSO). I see there are a few other current recruiters around on here, if you havent experienced the August mayhem of Exam results ENJOY.
  15. I've gone for a C grade job in signals and 2nd job choice is D grade job in signals.
    So even if i only get D's will i still get a place in september because it's in the signals(and hopefully i will have provisional place already), or does it not work like that?

    Cheers in advance Stu