Selection for 3MI/RAF reserves

I have been considering joining the TA for a few months now, and had HAC and 3MI on my list.

Really wanted to go for HAC but there is no way on earth i am going to be able to handle 25kg jerry cans on a farmers walk for selection. I am fit and training for a half marathon, but both my weight and height rule out training for these lifts.

3MI is the other regiment in which I am interested in applying (I have a rare skill set which would come in handy in Intelligence). Can anyone advise what their selection process is in terms of physical tasks? Is it the same as HAC? I have tried to find info about this online but not had any luck so far...

The RAF Reserves also appeal. Do you have to be a science/techy type to get in, and what is their selection process in terms of physical tasks? From what I have read, there is more focus on fitness rather than weight bearing.....

I would take Wolfbolt's advice and arrange a visit to Worship Street. Int is a growth industry in the Reserves, especially if you have something unusual to offer the Big Green Machine. However, I would gently suggest that your unique 'Offer' only becomes truly useful once you have become a trained soldier and completed your trade courses, so avoid any behaviour that could be mistaken for arrogance. (I came to Int & Sy Gp (V) in 1990 from an OTC, thinking that this background had more worth than it actually had, and it took me 2 Selection weekends to get in).


PS Lover of Pushkin, are you perchance ?
3 MI don't have any particular fitness requirements over and above the standard TA ones. They do run an extra technical selection weekend for all prospective entrants which you will have to pass to get in. It's a straightforward look at the individual to see if they have what it takes, and does not require any planning over and above reading the joining instructions and doing what they say. But you would not believe how many think otherwise.

As has been said already, really quite different from the HAC. Have a look and make your mind up, I think you won't find anything better out there in terms of opportunities and taskings but I am biased. Practically anything the regular Corps does is on offer to the TA, we have clear roles, clear plans for the future and so on - which is more than a lot of units can say.

The RAF are different again. Their Reserves tend to concentrate on one particular task to the exclusion of all others. But that is all you will ever do. Have a look and make your mind up. And if you want variety then choose green.

Oh, and one last thing ? We're a Battalion that forms part of the Intelligence Corps, not a Regiment. As the capbadge that defines pedantry - well, useful pedantry, we're not the signals after all - such things are useful to know.
Rnr (hms ferret) has a specialist selection weekend. Useful areas of employment, different to 3mi, but
Still very interesting.
Pm me if you need details as the unit has a selection weekend in september.
Rnr (hms ferret) has a specialist selection weekend. Useful areas of employment, different to 3mi, but
Still very interesting.
Pm me if you need details as the unit has a selection weekend in september.
Different to some of 3MI - but we have a coy that fulfills the same role (along with 154232242642624234252423Sqn RAF(aux)). Or have things changed?


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Seriously, the jerry can thing isn't that hard, there are a lot of girls in the HAC who have smashed it.

From my experience (which includes acting as staff on selection weekends) most people manage to pass. If you fail the jerry can lift but shine in other areas, you will be helped to achieve the required standard.

There really is only one option here, give the HAC your best shot. 3MI aren't bad but the quality of life at Armoury House is second to none. RAF Reserves? Please.

Dergeneral will be along shortly with his helpful insight into the HAC, enjoy.
Thank you chaps for your insight.

I'm aware that 3MI is different to HAC but what I wanted to know (and what has been partly answered) is whether the physical element of selection is different. 3MI appealed to me initially as I think I would enjoy the work they do, but HAC seems more grounded and physical...

I have had my heart set on HAC but alas have an injury (minor but which could be major) and definitely cannot train for Sep selection and the more I think about picking up the 25kg jerry cans, the more scary the weight lifting element seems!

Ravers - may I pm you regarding some issues as I don't want to go into too much personal detail here on the forum?
...and thank you for the tip re "battalion" and not regiment. Not a rookie error i would like to make if i make it to the open evening at 3MI if I make it there!


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Ravers - may I pm you regarding some issues as I don't want to go into too much personal detail here on the forum?
Go for it, I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. Small caveat though, I left the HAC earlier this year so my info isn't hot off the press.
Small caveat though, I left the HAC earlier this year so my info isn't hot off the press.
Indeed, Ravers, enthusiasm appreciated but I should add that the HAC now has a clear emphasis on getting people through their basic with an aim to pass Patrol Selection. There is now a low tolerance threshold to people joining if Patrol Selection is not the main effort. We could guard an Olympic Stadium with the number of people lurking and threading water between recruits and passing selection while their [insert malady here] heals. Because of this its also a three strikes and you're out policy these days unless there's a very strong reason/skillset you've managed to bring or pick up!

We have been asked to "Do More, Be More" but someone on high has yet to "Give More, Flex More".

QoS if you have an injury my strongest advice is to allow it to mend fully, if it can be done at another unit while learning the basics and a trade (and to be fair seeing if you like it at that unit) then all the better. You can always turn up at a later date as a basic trained Int soldier and have a crack. The first words from the PSI when we paraded for selection was "If you are carrying an injury at the start of this course you will almost certainly fail. Think hard, and have the courage to step off now and return on the next course." He wasn't wrong! As I know good friends who tried to "man up" and compounded their injuries.
To belatedly address the OP's question, albeit from the non-London element of the INT CORPS (V), although the entry process is the same

To enter the TA INT CORPS you will go through the following selection process with associated physical requirements

1) TA Recruit Selection. Requires you to complete the 1.5 mile risk reduction run in under 14 minutes and a series of physical tests, I believe this now includes hefting a few 'power bags' onto the back of a trailer. Pull ups/heaves are no longer required, Jerry can (20kg) carry was required when I did it, but this has changed I believe. As INT CORPS (V) you will be no different to any other TA CS/CSS arm in terms of the selection process, if you cant complete the run in under 14 minutes you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to do this.

2) INT CORPS technical selection. No physical tasks required, but I will not elaborate further on what this entails for obvious reasons

You will then progress through Phase 1 training at your RTC and at Pirbright/Grantham where again the requirements are no different from any other TA CS/CSS arm or service. Phase 2 training at Chicksands involves some phys but again, it is not junior Brecon.

The physical requirements are far from arduous compared to the Patrols course (I imagine) but rumour control indicates that in future a run time of less than your regular equivalent (12.30/13.00 ish for females) will see you 'under pressure' to improve.

Edited to add: The RAF reserves entrance requirements are (even) lower. Bleep test, a scant number of press ups and sit ups and and 10 days being 'beasted' around RAF Halton by the RAF Regt as your phase 1. You do actually need to pass your annual fitness test in the RAF reserves though, unlike in the TA where it is an attempt only for the PFA at the moment. Although as discussed above rumour has it that the persistent failures are being made to squirm greatly at present.

Best of luck.
Thanks Capability. Not the run which scares me - I know that I'll be able to do that once I recover from my injury -or press/sit ups, it is more the weight lifting. Word around HAC is apparently that not many girls make it in - and I've seen many potential recruits who are bigger and younger than me.

Wolf - any suggestions as to which unit to go for intially?
INT(V) is genuinely a growth industry. Try it, what's the worst that could happen?
QoS, you have been skirting around this issue for at least 3 months now, having spent most of that time asking for people to decide which unit you should join. You have been given lots of partisan advice of dubious quality and provenance and I think that you have probably done this one to death.

Unless you are an 20 stone, asthmatic, diabetic with weak ankles, don't worry about the phys - just get running as regularly as possible.

I would certainly not want to put off a potential recruit to the worlds greatest reserve MI unit, but may I suggest that you just get on with it.
BlindKing, you're right. I have actually applied to a unit but the injury i have has forced me to withdraw for now and perhaps reconsider my choice of unit. But I will try taking some action off board now! Thanks.
Quick question (ish) not had much to do with MI but curious to see if their job is as interesting as reported on here, and any in NW England?

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