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Im an Leading Aircraftsmen ADG with 3AFDS, Royal Australian Air Force, and im planning on trying for selection, prolly late 2007. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out with the fitness requirements for selection? i.e. what training you followed, hints and tips that sorta shit.
Get in the hills, no weight and get some miles in your legs. Work on your map reading and dead reckoning. Train in the clag, when it is hot and in the dark. Watch your water discipline. Work on upper body strength and stamina and remember the fitness is just the base requirment - you need balls the size of a house and a mind that keeps saying 'even though I feel fcucked my legs will keep moving', that only comes with sheer determination and a want for something like you've never wanted anything before. Aim to cover the ground averaging 4kmph, remembering there'll be times when you won't be able to crack 4 so you'll have to move faster on the flat and downhill. Basics are run when you can and don't stop. Crack that and you'll be well on your way to overcoming the induction phase - a.k.a the hills

It sounds as if your trying for a winter course so make sure your admin is squared away - 2 pairs of boots, fresh socks and that kind of crap.

The trees and continuation require a different set - determination with a lot of common sense and provided you are the right man should stand you in good stead.
by water discipline, i assume u mean drink as **** all as possible?
also in australia late 07 is summer, so is there anything i need to be worried about, bearing in mind it is hot as all **** in aus during summer

and should i start adding weight after a while? and how much should i be looking at closer to selection?

sorry to bother yas with all these questions
Water discipline is just knowing what you need and when. In the winter the need for water is still there but you won't need as much. 1. There are siht loads of streams on the Welsh mountains and they are normally swollen in the winter, and 2. it isn't as hot. You aren't allowed to have drinking devices ie camel baks on selection and so you have to be able to access water and drink on the move, or risk coming in over time. You'll be in for a shock if you are not used to the cold weather. Jan on the hills can be vicious - howling freezing wind and crap viz, plus ice and snow. if you are coming from a hot climate you need to get used to the cold weather before you have a crack. Advice is arrive in late October get on the hills and finish for a rest over the latter haf of Dec ready for January.

As for weight - I didn't but I'm a big bloke and was used to carrying weight. If you aren't then you need to get used to it, but do it in stages and nothing big. I'd start with clean fatigue and then after a couple of weeks move through the weight until you are carrying about 50lbs. People will advice you differently about load carrying - some say do some don't - it's a personal thing.

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