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Selection Event

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by philarmy, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. I am after information on the 2 day selection event for transferees if possible please. All I know is that I've to do a presentation on the future of the Int Corps. I have gained some info off the D Int website but would be appreciative if anyone could offer any gems for me to throw in - not made up ones(!) I have also spoken to the local MI section at the COB but none of them have done teh 2 day selection or know much about it. I did start to look at the 30 page recruitment thread but it appears a waste of time for anyone who has already decided to take the plunge.

    Apart from the fact that the Int Corps is expanding by 40% due to FAS, what else is there to know about it's future? Also, as I'm there for 2 days, I presume there's quite a bit more to it than just an interview and a 5 minute presentation. Can anyone offer any (sensible) advice please? Preferably someone who has already done it or knows a lot about the future of the Corps.

    Many thanks!
  2. Looks like a job for NTTT!
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I would concentrate on the design of the future TRF: that's the most important decision facing the Corps at present...
  4. Thanks - I may throw that question in as the last slide to lighten the mood...
  5. I gave my presentation on Quidditch.
  6. whens the next selection ?
  7. Grab the bull by the horns pal and e-mail the Corps Rasser direct.....
    Not only will this get you known before you attend the Selection Days but
    he will no doubt remember you for the rest of your Corps career - if you end up getting offered one of course !!!!!!! :evil:
  8. Sod that!!!! :p

    No need to do that he already know's who I am on Arrse, still trying to work out who he is :? ...I'm unforgetable anyway :twisted: ..well paperwork went in today :lol:
  9. Perhaps he can give the definitive answer on the shade of grey question!
  10. My transfer took a whole year yet one of our guys here managed his in a couple of months. It all depends on where you're going to/from.
  11. I am attending 20/21 Aug and hoping to start Ph 3 on 7 Jan.

    I now have enough info thanks to a very kind person who PM'd me plus info from the Corps website and 'Cognitio' (a Corps publication available in Acrobate on the website).
  12. Sod that!!!! :p

    No need to do that he already know's who I am on Arrse, still trying to work out who he is :? ...I'm unforgetable anyway :twisted: ..well paperwork went in today :lol:[/quote]

    I am sure it does not take that much to work out an individual's identity on here....It reminds me of an historical thread on here (might have been something to do with Trade Trg Instrs) when a forum member described a former Templer Coy Instr with a little detriment (fat, motherless MF or something along those lines)...........It tickled me when that Former Instr popped up with a very apt and humerous response :)