Selection Deferment

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by crayonic, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. :cry:

    First off, thanks to those of you who have been helping me out with my application to your lovely corps, and putting up with my silly questions.

    Just been defered from my initial selection up in Glencorse, with a silly potential heart murmur. I'm not too devastated, but I'm obviously not massively chuffed either. Feeling a bit deflated really, especially after a 5 hour train journey there and back.

    I've got to get an... let's see if I can remember this... echo-cardiogram? And hopefully it'll check out clear and I'll be back on course in a month or so.

    So that's 1 application form, 2 referees, 3 interviews, 2 medicals (soon to be 3), 1 optical test, 1 big 1109 CTC form, and a half-completed 2-day selection course. Whatever happened to conscription? 8)

    So, that's it really - just wanted to vent somewhere, and now I've not to get too disheartened as I wait on my scan.

  2. Bad luck, mate.

    Don't be too put down by it though. Wait for the diagnosis and then, if it's bad, steer a course to the nearest off-licence.

    Gin will make it better. Trust me.
  3. Could have been worse, you could have been selcted....
  4. are you still here, bitter boy? by the way, you have the gayest user name on the whole site :)
  5. Edit - I don't know, you try and help someone and they just make you look silly.
  6. Just realised and then deleted my reply! rofl.
  7. Screw you, hippy! The gayest name on the site title is mine and don't you forget it!
  8. so when DID my beloved Corps reject you then, you sad officer you?
  9. Was it an accidental pun???

  10. Coffee all over keyboard! Shot! Out!

  11. if you're going to make random gunner / coffee references...

    surely "SPLASH OVER!" would have been far more funny :)
  12. In a previous life, I was a Recruiter and had a lot of applicants deferred for 'heart murmurs'. In my experience, very few of these turned out to be a real problem and most went on to be accepted after their scans. (They definately weren't money making schemes for the specialists, FACT!) Keep you pecker up.

    Come on in, the water's lovely!
  13. It's not his pecker he is worried about..apparantly :)
  14. Quick update on the heart murmer scan thingymabob...

    Had 13 wires glued to my chest and freezing cold blue gel liberally spread over me, it would seem I'm a healthy specimen and I'll grace your ranks with my ugly fizog soon.


    The doc put my heart through the loudspeaker too which was a bit weird!

    Thanks to those who offered words of reassurance.

  15. did that not squash it?

    by the way i think it's called an electrocardiagram - ECG