Selection Dates


I have just had my first interview at the AFCO and should have ADSC within the next 6 weeks. Assuming I pass, does anyone know how often selection takes place at Chicksands? My recruiter has promised to look into this for me, but I am not holding my breath given the lack of knowledge anyone there has of anything Int Corps-related whatsoever.

I am hoping to start in February, when I know there is an intake. Is this reasonable, or should I be ready for a longer wait?

I understand you get these questions often, and I have searched your forum, but I cannot find an answer. I figure it's worth asking again anyway in case someone knows, if not, thanks anyway.


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The Intelligence Corps does not 'select' personnel. This would countermand recruitment guidelines, which would be very naughty.

The Intelligence Corps (or INT CORPS) does, however, invite those applicants who display certain relevant skills to attend an aptitude test, which is fondly referred to as a Specialist Interview.

These Specialist Interviews are held on an (almost) weekly basis.

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