Selection Criteria

Hello Arrses!

Just a quick question, hoping someone could help me out. I have the rpint outs of my job choices and i also have the recruiter pages. And theres a section called Selection Criteria. and just wondering what these abbreviations mean -

PSS(R) Standards - SL? CA? LM?
Test Standards - MIN GTI? MIN BSIA?

Help would be appriciatted :)

Also any potential recruits heading off to Glencorse on Monday (1st Feb)?

Thanks in advance


The PSS (R) are the physical tests that you undergo such as the static lift etc shown on the DVD. The results and pass scores are dependent on height/weight and your specific job choice.

When I was at Glencorse, we weren't told what the scores were.....just told in the final interview whether we'd passed or not....

As for the GTI, its is the general trainability index or the score you got in the BARB test. So if you've been put forward for a particular job already then you need not worry about this number. Not sure about the other one.....also the TST is the technical selection test (or the maths bit!).

Hope this helps.....I did selection and passed with an A grade in Nov 09 so if you've got any questions just PM me. Cheers

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