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Hi, have my selection coming up in a few months and have applied for infantry.
I can’t seem to find any recent posts regarding the running times.
My best effort for the 1.5 mile run is 12 minutes dead. It says 12:45 is the pass mark however certain posts i have found have said that i have to do it in 10 minutes and 30. If anybody could help me out with that that’d be awesome
Awesome, Thank you
With training you'll Ben able to get it to under 10:30. That's from a non infanteer 40 year old smoker.

The fitter you are on any source in the military the easier it becomes.

You will struggle ignore you think that turning up being able to do it in 12 minutes and improve during the course isn't the best way (and additional remedial PT has been used in the past, but if you're ok having to get up an hour earlier than your mate so to do remedial PT then go for it.)

Best to try and break the 10:30 mark before you go as it'll make things so much easier for you:
Just run as hard as you can for 10.30. Like your escaping fro the police/mother inlaw. Run till you puke, then repeat, say 3 times a week, assuming you are doing other trg as well. You will crack it. Obviously warm up/down etc.
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