selection clothes?


just a quick question

this is not asking what you need to wear for selection, rather just what outfits in effect you need.

from the adsc letter as such i gather you need 3

1. interview clothes

2.shorts t-shirts (run, team tasks)

3. general set of clothes (smart jeans and top)

is this right?


cheers, mine is on tuesday!, no caffine+ excess sugar from monday, i wil be giving it balls all, just hope i pass

cheers again

What would you consider as interview clothes? Iv got one next week, im not sure what to wear, iv been told to look 'smart' but does that mean a suit? or will long sleeve shirt and trousers suffice?
yer i know i get joining instructcions (can never spell it right:p)

just not totally sure on it, thats all, i know now 3 outfits

1. interview clothes

2. t-shirts, shorts (team tasks, run)

3. general clothes (smart trousers and top)

im sorted now:p

now heres to giving it 150% on tuesday ;)

I will pass!!!

What i mean(t) soozi was im not sure if it'll fit! Iv only got one i bought for a funeral a while ago. Ill have to dig it out and make sure if it fits or not.
I was there on thursday and Friday (Passed!). No one was wearing anything smart when they arrived - jeans or trackies. Just need a suit for interview. Wear whatevers comfortable.
I didn't get to change till after the medical (sometime in the afternoon- not sure what time cos we had to remove our watches).
Although a suit would be great, not everyone is in possesion of one, so a long sleeved shirt, tie and smart pants would be acceptable, because if you think about it, people from all walks of life join the army (very poor people and very rich people) and a suit just might not be in their budget.

Good luck mate, im hoping to retrn to Gelncourse in the next week or so.
Good Luck! Ive got mine on the 16th. I'm kinda bricking it as i have to do a lung function test.

And for my Interview i wore shirt and tie, smart trousers and polished shoes.

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