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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally133, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Orite guys, i just passed my BARB test, can't remember what i got, but combined with my qualifications all jobs are open to me, i have chosen comms ( Systems Engineer technician ), as it appealed to me the most. I have my first interview 2moro, and was just wondering do you get drug tested at anytime during your selection? or at selection centre? just curious thats all, also does anyone no anything about my chosen job? would be gratefull for a reply, cheers guys.
  2. you should have 3 job choices, on interview you'll be asked questions about all of them

    dont think u get drug tested at rsc.. you do have a piss sample for something though, think its health related though.

    not sure about blood samples etc.. got my rsc on mon/tues so i'll let you know
  3. Are you worried about being drug tested. If your going Infantry and on drugs - no worries.

  4. good luck on monday chris, yeah i've been swattin up on all three job choices, but i dont no that much on the other two! Brew time, nah im going signals, and was wondering how often you got them, my bro's been in 18 years and has only had like 3 of them! i'll let you know how i get on 2moro in 1st interview, although the sgt said he's already booking my 2nd one! so im not that nervous really!
  5. i never had a second interview

    just had the both bundled into the 1
  6. thats alright eh, is the interview easy? i got my icebreaker in my head, and i know about my jobs, is the rest just homelife and school etc i hope, can i ask you what you do your mile and a half in?
  7. yeah nothin to worry about mate dead informal.. make sure you go smart and dont answer with 1 word answers, remember where each job choice trains, how long the training is etc

    10 - 10:20 at the minute for my 1.5 mile

    shit i know.. but with the adrenalin on the day i should be able to knock at least 30 seconds off it
  8. thats amazing compared to me! i just quit smoking and cant get it below 12! any tips on getting a faster time?
  9. do not smoke!! in two weeks of not smokin, i got my time to 10.30!! job/run everyday, now im doin cross country which builds up endurance

    unlucky ive bin deffered
  10. yeah.. dont smoke for a start lol

    i've never smoked..

    dont just run 1.5miles aswell.. extend it to 2 or even 3 miles

    coz as long as u can keep a set pace for that distance, you'll find the 1.5 mile a lot easier

    just keep at it, pain is all in the mind... if u feel the need to stop, dont

    just keep goin

    its a gradual process anyway.. i run every other day
  11. cheers lads i'll give it a bash 2moro and let you know my time, bearing im mind my last time was 12.35, i run up a hill for 3 quarters of a mile and then back the way i came down the hill for 3 quarters of a mile, do u think this isnt accurate enuff? wot did u get deffered for RK? sorry bout that
  12. Yeah its not an issue, i think it says in the army careers hand out something like:
    'the army understands that illegal drug abuse is common in civilian life, but once a recruit starts basic training, drug use will not be tolerated'
  13. But if you do dabble, and i'm in no way saying you do, it's probably best to knock it on the head a good few months before you start and stick to good 'ol lager. Just to get your head straight and it can't do any harm to your general health either, which in turn will aid your overall fitness.

    Again, i'm not saying you do dabble.
  14. cheers boys, i knocked it on the head well back! just trying to get my run time down now!