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I was wondering what Things should i prepare to talk about in the stand up speach at the selection centre? I have very low self esteem. Any tips on how to be more relaxed while speaking to a group of people would help.
Check out the ADSC sticky at the top of the page, it's mentioned several times in there.


jus u, wer your from, your hobbies, bit about hu u live with sports and teams u like etc, when ur talkin to a group of people jus look across them all while speaking so not jus at 1 person etc also use your hands wen sayin things in an expresive way if u kno wot i mean stand up straight and proud and take deep breaths before its your turn remember every 1 else is in the same boat as u so if u mess up jus laugh it off coz people will laugh with u not at you basically just pretend every1 wants to hear what youve got to say even if they dont lol dnt wory to much ive got selection on thursday excited but brikin it at same time lol good luck any way mate
Tip for ya both......

I understand you both maybe new to the forum however I would try and avoid using the 'txt speak' as it's frowned upon on here and tends to annoy a lot of people.

Not having a go, just a friendly bit of advice


yeh cool wish id have done a bit more training but to be honest xmas and new year made me lazy i lost almost a minute off my 1.5m time! not good but itl be ok hopefully it all goes good fingers crossed n all that

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