Selection Centre (run)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lady.D, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey again, im just wondering is there any easier way to do the mile n half run at the selection centre??

    I do it on flat groud and up hills and that, and with my walkman but i think that may be distrakting me im not sure

    so any help at all that can be given would be grateful xxx

  2. Try to concentrate on the running rather than the music. Not sure how amenable they are to using Walkpersons or iPods at selection centre!
  3. If you are using music to run to then I would suggest Free music downloads at specific beats per min. I used them for pre-course raining last year and got my 5 mile time down from 40mins to 32 within 8 weeks.

    works with iPods and all MP3 players.
  4. Did that consist of a Rain-Dance?
  5. no, that was something I failed the year before. This was more spent on Dartmoor and the Lympstone local area.
  6. I always find running to the Rocky theme tune helps, especially when running up steps with a crowd of kids following me
  7. Hahahaha thats funny !!
  8. You will most probably get a better time at selection, well nearly everyone did when i was there. It was all down to everyone giving each other encouragement, say if someone started to slow down somebody else would tell them to keep it up. One lad said to me, "just think, if you just keep going then your one step closer to a place in the army!" seemed to work and i beat my old time by 40 secs!

    Just remember, its best effort.

  9. Wow thats reli good! its good to know that people help thank you!! xx