Selection centre how many pull ups?going 6th sep anyone else

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spartan300, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. I'm off to the selection centre on the 6th september anyone else going then. Just wondering how many pull ups do you need to do i know i can do about 7 controlled reps right down to the bottom of the movement is that enough. Also if I pass how long do you have to wait before starting basic training.
  2. What reg you going in?

    I had to wait 4 weeks for the start of my basic training, also good that you seem confordant about passing already and looking to move on to basic training, bit of advise... Make sure they see that in you 8)
  3. as far as i know its best effort, obviously i think theyd like on or two at minimum {again just my thoughts}

    but 7 should get you through with no problems.

    i can do 2/3 on a good day {and thats not ALL the way down....}

    but i give 100% so i cant complain.

    and im going on the 10th!!!
  4. I only managed 7 but gave it my best until i was told to get down off the bar and still got a 'good effort' off the instructor...but some lad who went before me whacked out twenty odd and dropped down when he could have easily carried on. He got a talking to by the PTIs as to why he stopped so i suppose if you try your best and show effort thats what they're looking for.
  5. My aim is to join the paras so my ACIO said my best bet is to join the welsh guards and then something like half through basic training ask to join the guards para since i am not fit enough to join the paras yet. I'm getting close though as i did get 9min 55secs for my practise 1.5mile run.
  6. Ive heard its 3 for a pass elsewhere on the forum
    but if you dont do so well, similar to me, but do well on other aspects it will even out.
    Aslong as youre giving it everything you've got, im sure that will be good enough.
    Good luck.
  7. I heard it was 3 for Armoured, but they always ask you to do 10 or 15. As long as your seen to try im sure its fine no matter how many you do.

    What im wondering is about the 3 selections you have to make in terms of careers. I mean if you put royal Engineers with a second of Royal logistics, if you fail part of the selection in terms of speed on the run for the engineers, would they allow you to go Logisitics?
  8. Yes, that is one of the reasons for further job choices, if you don't manage to achieve high enough in any aspect of selection for your first choice, but have achieved enough for your second, then you can be offered that choice etc. (Depending on availability).
  9. what if you fail selection for your first choice can you try again or is that it you can never try for your first choice again.
  10. I know you can try again for the same job if you fail. It came across to me that if you fail for your first job you'd have to go off and have interviews again, because there job related. Im glad you dont!
  11. i only managed 1 when i did mine and they said it was ok. i pushed myself as hard as i could in all the other activities like the static lift etc. im going into the sigs so i wouldn have thought there would e a min. also found out my run time pass is 12.45 and i can get in around 10.
  12. The pull ups- What is the required standard/correct was they like them done, do you hold onto a bar (like the ones you can buy from argos) or is it a wooden joist?

    The press ups- What is the correct way of doing them? eg hands shoulder width apart or by your sides?

    The sit ups- Again same question.

    I hate pull ups, im crap at them, i train loads but still hate them, and thats coming from a semi pro rugby league player.
  13. wooden beam for the heaves.
    you arent required to do press up's other then by the Medical officer. how ever you find more comfortable.
    i wasnt asked to do any sit ups.
  14. I hear mixed stories depending where you go for selection, was this for pirbright just_jay?
  15. yes it was. and only bout 2-3 months ago.