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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spartan300, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. I know at the selection centre they constantly monitor you and write stuff down. Can anyone give me any tips on what to do and what not to do i am also a bit nervous about having to stand up and talk to everyone about myself for 2-3mins what type of things do you say as i don't want to cock up. How confident do you have to be because I know they can reject for not having enough confidence. I am a fairly confident person but sometimes my nerves get the better of me. Whats the end interview like?
  2. Cliche perhaps, but seriously the best advice is to be yourself.

    2-3 mins is easy, and the staff have pre-prepared questions anyway, but think along the lines of your hometown, growing up, current job, ambitions etc.

    PSO interview depends on how you did during the 2 days, some of the lads I was on selection with had a gruelling in depth interview for about 20 mins 'cos they done not so well, most of us had a 10 minute or so going-over of various things, basicaly just cementing what you've already said at your other 2 interviews.

    I eneded up having a good chat with my PSO about cooking, personally :p
  3. You are watched from the minute you get on the train to the end of the journey home you could fail (there has been known cases of lads gobbing off to people on the train journey and failing on arrival). To this end put 100% effort in, be courtious to everyone, mix in with the whole group all of the time and listen to what the training staff say to you and do it. If some other potential applicants fcuk about dont get involved. When you arrive the staff will give you a numbered vest and the PSO's and Cpl's will mark your every move and comments down and be the one who interviews you on day two. Some of the things they monitor and you can fail for.
    Not listening to the staff and doing what your told.
    Not mixing with your group.
    Walking on the run.
    Not getting involved with the team tasks and being too quiet.
    Not showing the correct confidence around your peers.

    Regarding the icebreaker, practice as much as you can in front of your mates and family to have an idea what to say to people. Talk to person at the back of the room (fix a spot at the back and dont look down). Just up your volume and dont talk too fast or use slang terms or abusive comments, if telling a joke nothing abusive. The more you talk the less time the staff have to ask you questions back.
    The end interview focus on the PSO, dont look about the room or figit. Be confidence and try not to be big headed or cocky and know why you want to be there.

    Your recruiter and senior recruiter should highlight any problem areas in their interviews first and take noter of there opinions as they have done it loads of times in the past.
    If you get the chance ask to go on a pre selection course to practice it all beforehand and give you an idea of what to expect.

    Good luck.
  4. What worrys me from what i was told by at the careers office is that because of where I am coming from my train will end up being late and sometimes there is no one to pick you up because the train arrives so much later than the others. And most likely I will end up missing the brief and lunch on arrively so already I will stand out and not in a good way.
  5. Thanks for the replies

  6. i used to phone ahead on numerous occassions to Lichfield when my applicants were going to be late because of train times and delays so the ADSCs are aware of certain locations being hard to travel from. As I told my lot once you get to your destination statio look out at the front of the station for other applicants or transport. If no transport phone the number on your joining instructions and they will send transport then just show them your train timings and that its the earliest train, they will be fine about it. Any problems speak to your recruiter who will pave the way and speak direct to the PSO.
  7. I was told my train journey is about 6 hours. What do you do for 6 hours on a train. I was thinking of bringing a suduko puzzle book or something like that, when they do the bag search do they care if you have things like that.
  8. What f@ck is this in case you are some sort of Jihaddy! I'm sure a suduko and iPod/Mp3 will cause you no problems, although I stand to be corrected about this bag search.


    Edited: because I type like a chimp!
  9. Bag search is mainly for blades, booze and offensive material and also for security issues. 6 hours on the train gives plenty of chance to think about what to say on the icebreaker and revise job briefs.
  10. heh, when I was on selection I had the choice of being 30 minutes late or 2 hours early, (bank holiday etc)

    I chose 2 hours early, was on a train at 0145 to arrive in Edinburgh for 0930. Had to go the arrse about face way around the country, west coast to east, then up to Scotland.

    There's always an earlier train mate, even if it's bank holiday - as IRON said they'll be fine about it, but if you really dont want to stand out and/or be worrying about being late then just get on one of the (very) early trains and chug across the country through the night.

    Was quite good, the Cpl used me as an example to all the whinging feckers who in the morning were skulking about going "I'm tiiiiiired....." no excuses :thumright:
  11. Do you actually get put in groups there? or do you have to mill about abit finding people who want the same trade and you think you could get on with?
  12. The PSO's already know what groups your in and your numbered vests are sorted days beforehand. This way the PSO's can phone the recruiter if there are any queries on your soldiers records etc. If applicants are late for medicals, icebreaker on the first day they will just slot in as neccessary, it doesnt matter what trade your going but i you need a TST you will do that together.
  13. Thats good, its easier to mix in that way if your all put together in a group. Everyone knows they have to get on with it and make the effort.

    I still havnt got my dates for selection yet, but iv only been waiting 2 weeks. I gave the medical documents in with the wrong envilope, the one given to me had numbers on, the one i gave in was from my look at life course and was just blank. I didnt realise id made a mistake till i was about to throw the plastic 'ARMY' bag away and noticed it. Hope it doesnt get thrown in the bin, adding 6 months on my wait!

    I handed it to one of the recruiters (not my recruiter) so hopefully its ok!
  14. IRON - is there actually any particular order that the vests are in? Or is it just completely random?
  15. Just random, when your there your just known as a number not by name.