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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by kj18, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. hi all,
    I am a qualified mental health nurse of almost 5 years and have so far passed all of the requirements to get into the army doing this role however I have my final nursing interview and presentation in a months time at the selection board. This is for soldier nursing NOT officer.
    my questions are; does anyone have any ideas what kind of questions I will be asked? Will the questions be about my nursing career so far? or more army nursing based (i.e. army policies etc)? or none of the above?
    Also I have a 7 minute presentation on what is a nursing issue to me (how broad!!) Am I expected to link info in about the army? or just civi nursing?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Youve never been in the army so dont make assumptions and waste time what you think army nursing is all about. This is a test to see how you compose yourself in front of a board giving a 'chat' and no doubt they'll ask questions on points you have risen about the NHS no doubt. You could probably debate what your issue with nursing is here.... there are plenty guys here who will try and tear your point of view apart but thats good practice for your selection board.
  3. well I was thinkng of discussing staffing levels for my presentation as this is an important issue for myself on my ward at present. I was going to briefly discuss government cuts, management of violence and aggression when levels are low and how this impacts on staff sickness and also how low levels compromise patient care. Not sure if this is an ideal topic or not but it is important to me so I can debate this until I am blue in the face!! I think I should have enough for 7 minutes of talking. My main concern is the interview and the line of questioning. thanks for your recent speedy reply, much appreciated blade-runner.
  4. Keep it upbeat, not how shit conditions are in the NHS.
  5. I was planning to not only highlight the 'nursing issue' as is requested for the presentation but also put a positive spin on this by discussing how I have coped with this problem, supported others to cope and lead a mostly safe and therapeutic environment. This will clearly indicate my ability to debrief, supervise and reflect in practice. Sound ok?