Selection Board Briefing - What should I expect?

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Hi Everyone,

I'll start by saying that I am a 21 year old male graduate with a burning desire to gain a commission in the Army! I have been into my AFCO and they have put me down for a Selection Board Briefing on the second of October at the Manchester office.

What can I expect when I get there? I understand I will be given more information on the steps ahead plus information regarding to the AOSB and that I should wear formal attire. Is that all there is to it or should I expect interviews, psychometric tests, service knowledge tests etc?

I am very excited to finally be on the first steps of the ladder and am really looking forward to the AOSB (although quite nervously!). I have upped the level of my physical training and joined British Military Fitness who are putting me through my paces and working me hard!

I am determined to do as well as possible and would appreciate any advice on the matter although I have trawled through the AOSB and Sandhurst threads (took forever).

Much appreciated!



You will meet a number of people, all of whom would expect you to post this question in the appropriate thread.
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