Selection at Queen Elizabeth Barracks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Alphatwentyfour, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. Has anybody done the selection weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in York recently? Just after a few details of what the weekend entails, any tips and a general heads up. Cheers for any help.
  2. Cheers, sorry should have been more specific. I m looking for details from people who have been to Queen Elizabeth Barracks, is it just 4 Para selection or TA wide? Is the 1.5 mile run done on road?
  3. Time_pegasus will know, he's getting weekly briefings on these things...
  4. The 1.5 mile run is two laps round the camp on the road, good running surface and an all round fairly easy run, PTI's there are spot on and help you as best they can. Anything else you want just ask and I'll try and answer best I can. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. And it's not just 4 Para but all TA units in 15 Bde. The pass standards on the run are higher for 4 Para though and they will brief you accordingly.
  6. Cheers JD150, that was main thing i was thinking about, not sure why, just curious about who will be there. Once again cheers for help!
  7. Think yourself lucky it's lovely and flat there
  8. I did the RSW last weekend at QE barracks, and thankfully passed. I think the run time for Para's was under 11mins on the weekend, from what I can remember. While I was there, there were people wanting to join RAMC, RLC, REME & RE. I would be happy to help if you need more info.
  9. I'm due to do my selection this weekend, hoping it goes ahead with the weather forecast for snow... might slow my run down a touch!
  10. Good luck with it! Make sure all your PT kit is warm enough, you don't get given coveralls as it probably said in the joining instructions.
  11. Is it the done thing to wear shirt/tie for the weekend? Do i need to bring along any docs, passport, driving licence? If the weather is to bad to do run outside will they stick us on a treadmill? loads of things i like to know, many of them minor details! but they all add up! Cheers for help.
  12. I wouldn't bother bringing a shirt and tie with you as you wont need it, just normal civvies will do. Bring some ID with you if you want to go for a drink saturday night, but other than that, make sure you've got your med docs with you from your GP (this will probably be given to you when you reach your unit) and your eye test if that was needed. Dispite the weather, you will be doing your run outside, I'm pretty sure there's nowhere else to do it. I'm sure you'll be fine! The staff are very 'fair', by which I mean they'll be sound with you as long as you show willing. Make sure you read up on the TA training on ARRSEPedia, helped me! Anything else, let me know
  13. Anyone know what the snow is like up there today? Is it accesable for tonight?
  14. im booked on to rsw weekend 26 11 10 ive been sick as a dog with a chest infection. iam still up for it but dont know if theres any point when i know physically i aint got a prayer. should i turn up and show willing or should i wait till the next one. iam gutted as im sure iam capable when well.