selection at pirbright aug 15

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mrirrelevant, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. i have put in my application and had my medical and im due to go selection weekend ...everyone seems friendly at the unit i plan to join but I want to know what to do If i encounter any racist abuse/discrimination . I am 29 and am not joining to take crap . Ideally i just want to get in do my part and get out with more skills than when i went in!
  2. get on with what you are tasked to do and you will enjoy and fit in no problem , however this is the army learn to take not question the orders.
  3. I presume you mean racism directed at you? While doing my basic training I didn't encounter any racism directed at other people or bullying of any sort. The sort of people in my platoon i guess wouldn't really of stood for it.

    But if you do just go inform your platoon Sgt/Cpl or whatever you get and then the guy giving you s*it will need to standby for incoming beasting and escort to the gate.
  4. not being funny !! but you sound like a jack barsteward! its all about a team!! if you can accept that then you are halfway there!!
    yes you get shiit when you are in training and thats what turns you into a lean mean mudder fudder!!
  5. You're not even in yet, you admit everyone you have met has been friendly and yet you are already looking for a reason to shout discrimination. I hope your unit gets the measure of you as quickly as I did.
  6. Getting "shiit" or banter or whatever is not the same as someone being racist 8O Or do we live on different planets?
  7. Why should there be any racism or discrimination?
  8. getting shiit means exactly what it says!!

    if i took offence to everything i was called during training i would be rich!

    thats where the army i knew and the army of today differs!!

    but fook anything i say!! soldier on mo fo !!!
  11. What have you done in your 29 year past when you have encountered racist abuse/discrimination?
  12. Yep Should not have fell for that .

    Never usually bite !!