Selection at Pirbright 04/06 - 05/06

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sjm88, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Anybody else here going?
  2. doe u mean 04/07 - 05/07 ???? am sure you do
  3. That's the month mate, copied it from the selection papers they sent me, can see how its confusing though.
  4. I got Joining Orders through today with "5th June" - mate got his with "4th June" - methinks someone cocked up my date personally but im calling to check tomorrow.
  5. Careers Office told me its definately 05/06 and me and my mate are both on the same one - got them to check it while i was on the phone. You 100% its 04/06?
  6. 100% mate im afraid! What are you joining??
  7. Artillery :) yourself?

    Well I hope you turn up a day early rather than me a day late! lol
  8. haha yeah I reckon that would be best for you!! Am joining The Rifles hopefully.
  9. Good luck mate, should bump into you there, me and my buddy should be easy to spot, probably the only people who will know each other... lol
  10. haha, well if you hear somebody being called "patch" then that will be me! Slight accident by a hairdresser that results in me having free haircuts for life! Good luck to you too!