Selection at Lichfield...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lallen08, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. ...anyone going Lichfield on 5th and 6th of August?
  2. When did you get your dates?
  3. Wednesday 2nd July.
  4. I will be at Lichfield on 5th-6th August doing selection for the Rifles... you?

    Cheers Shake
  5. No one else at Lichfield on the 5th of August?

  6. Dont look like it, :| .
  7. Hi guys im at lichfield on the 12th and 13th august travelling from gobowen
    im re enlisting so know a little bit about it i got as far as phase two when i was 17 im now 28 and joining up as a RLC driver port operator

    anyone else going to lichfield on these dates. ?
  8. Have a nice journey ;)
  9. i got selection at lichfield on the 14th of august how is it the day after yours finishes?
  10. theres selection courses every weekday i believe, bar friday.
  11. oh right ok. mine finishes on a friday.
  12. just in time for a weekend piss up when you pass. its easy enough.
  13. aye too right ! i hope so pal just want to get in now lk and start basic have you passed selection?
  14. i have been in the army just over a year now. in my working unit down colchester.
  15. What part of the Army did you join?