selection at lichfield

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by finfin, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. just been given a new date for my selection its the 13/08 at lichfield is any one else going on this date
  2. Did mine at Lichfield in 95....not much help to you though!

    Don't worry about who else is going mate, you'll probably never see any of them again, I didn't. Just concentrate on yourself, give it 100% and you'll be'll start to make lifelong friends when you get to basic.

    Good luck. :thumright:
  3. cheers mate hopefully i'll make it to basic
  4. iv been asking on here 4 ages im there this tuesday but cnt find any1 else who is what trade br u goin in
  5. tank crewman, what about you?
  6. im goin in as comms system operator in the signals
  7. Anyone going to selection on the 20th August at lichfield?
  8. Meee.
  9. I will see you there then!

    If you dont mind me asking

    What job are you going for?
    Where are you travelling from?
  10. I dont mind at all.

    Gunner - Light gun

    and im travelling from Grantham train station.

  11. You're not too far away from me then.
    My job choice is RMP
  12. When was you given your selection date?
  13. oooo did u go through the ACIO at lincoln then?

    £6 for me to go to ACIO everytime, and spend like an hour on tthe bus,ahwell the guys in there are decent blokes.
  14. I am just waiting for the information etc to come through the door. Have you received yours yet?
  15. naah just got the call this morning, after looking for my phone in my blurry eyed manner.


    says it shud be coming thru the door shortly.