Selection at Lichfield on Wednesday

yes get joggin afew hill's...cos on the 1.5 mile run there's a hill that you will have to job up twice and its a killer on the 2nd time round lol

apart from that everything else is quite easy.....just dont act stupid like the little 17 year olds that attend

and dont have a fry up breakfast the morning of the 1.5 mile run...just some toast will do eat light.

gd luck mate

btw i got a time of 9.25 at lichfield in april


I had a big breakfast, give me plenty of energy, you know with it being an important meal and all.

Drink plenty of water in the morning but i cannot stress enough NO JUICE! If you get a stitch in the run because of juice its a real happened to me.

Good luck.
its easy just dont try out running everyone....seems that everybody is trying to race so people just end up getting fukd to early and walk the rest lol....i was shocked because i was at the back during the first lap and there was kickboxers joggin aswell and i over took what i was shocked as these lads should be alot fitter then me.....

just take this advice tho...the hill is a killer on the last lap so plz do some hill running
Steed1988 said:
Also stand at the front of everyone when you first start the run, a good way to shave precious seconds off your run.
shut up....makes no difference as i stood at the back and still got a time of 9.25 and came in 3rd....while i was 2nd all the way till just after the hill on the last lap
i did the selection at lichfield last thursday and did the run on friday mornin and i wud have to agree with killergibbo... have sum toast and a banana for breakfast.

And dont make the same mistake i did i sprint up the hill the 2nd time round. Iv pulled all my leg muscles and i can just about run again and im off to catterick this sunday lol

oh and most of all... believe in yourself :D

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