selection at lichfield 17th july

just been given my date for selection at lichfield 17th july,just wondering if anyone else is going that day?
also for who's already done selection can anyone give me any tips for the final interview
Sit up straight, keep your hands still on your lap, keep your eyes fixed on him and not darting round the room, dress smartly (suit would be best but definately shirt and tie) be confident, honest and you'll be fine!
I dunno, i'd assume:

Why do you want to join

What does joining mean to you

Why not the Navy or RAF, they're nice

Just random guesses, prepare yourself and tell me exactly what happens so I can prepare for next year :p
I was interviewed by an RMP Major (who had torn into me during the team tasks just minutes earlier) and he asked me why the rifles, why did i put infantry as my only choice, he told me that with my selection results and BARB score i could have most jobs in the army, and that was it, we spent about 20 minutes talking about the British gliderborne assault on Pegasus bridge in ww2! Probably depends on the individual who interviews you as to what questions you are asked, but those were my basic ones - my interviewer was a top bloke so i had no trouble there!


-address him/her properly whn ur asked a question
for e.g. wen u say smethin - "yes sir" or "yes ma'am"
-speak with purpose
-sit up straight
-dnt look a scruff (look as smart as possible)
Lol i'm just gonna say how I want to serve my country, how it's all i've ever wanted to fight for what we believe is right and a good cause, and cause I wanna do something I know of and about and that I love the sense of adventure and all :p
I had my interview with a Gurhka Captian, he asked me about my job choice, why i had chosen that job etc. then he asked if i fully understood the Army's policy on drugs, and how my family felt about me joining, he explained the risks of a career in the military.

Then he went through my results from selection explained how i was pretty much in the middle, where i could improve etc... asked me if i had any questions, handed me my certificate and shook my hand.

The interview felt supprsingly relaxed .. maybe it was just because i felt nervous before hand, the Corprals stood around the desk telling us 5 people had failed selection, there was 9 of us left and everyone had left with a certificate so far...

i don't think anyone who made it to the interviews failed hmm


dont go looking like that?
i had a blast on my selection with this mad welsh bloke!

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