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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello, got my travel warrent today, just a few questions, im guessing you need to have 3 sets of clothes, sports clothes, general clothing and smart clothes for interview? Do i travel in tracksuit or general clothes, i dont want them to think im a chav! Also i wear contact lenses and i am going in glasses so do i make sure im out of my contact lenses for at least 3 days?, 4 days or longer? Cheers bw
  2. You need to be out of soft contacts for 48 before you go. As to clothing, what do your instructions say? Mine said to go in tracksuit, but had they not, I would have gone in smart clothes.
  3. What are you on about? Phase 1 training? Or the army fam weekend?
  4. I think your talking about selection, if thats the case i arrived in shirt and tie. So did 90% of the others that were there. I hope that helps you.
  5. Get some camouflage kit from an army surplus or a paintballing friend.

    This will show you are keen.
  6. and leopard crawl everywhere! Shouting "VC VC VC"
  7. You could turn up looking like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen on ecstasy, and with the current manpower shortage, you'd still get in!
  8. Don't listen to them mate. Turn up in a clean shiny pair of shoes, a pair of black socks pulled right up and then nothing but a Borat style "Man-kini".
    If nothings else it will get you noticed.
  9. it says tracksuit yeah? well do as you are told, you cant get in trouble for doing as you are told can you?

    when i went i wore tracksuit bottoms, running shoes, tshirt and a jacket, so did everyone else who was there.

    there was no time between the medical and doing some strengh tests to get changed.

    i was in the same boat as you mate a few weeks ago, but im glad i wore what i was told.
  10. If you are going to glencourse DONT wear a white Kappa tracksuit trainers and burberry baseball cap. You will end up in one of the Rifle Coys. :lol:
  11. I cannot find where it says you have to arrive in a tracksuit, ive heard this is common because you go straight to the medical, i just want to know what is the definite right way? Cheers
  12. Ask your ACIO?
  13. when i went to Glencourse, everyone was in tracksuit clothes, accept maybe one who was wearing jeans and a top.

    when i went you would of looked out of the norm in a shirt and tie.
  14. Standards eh? Great stuff. People used to actually want this job believe it or not.
  15. Yup i remeber pitching up for my basics and everyone was in smart rig.Just wondering,i have seen on a lot of threads now that basics is being refered to as "selection".Is this a official terminology to "motivate" potential recruits?I remeber in one of my initial briefings at the start of basics being explicitly told that basics was not a selection course and that the staffs mission was to help as many as possible get through it.Or am i just being picky over symantics?