Selection and Nurturing Day jerry cans

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by phil_CMT22, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Ok brand new to forums as i need adivce, Im on an army prep course im 17 and wanting to go in as a Combat med tech, currently my personal best on fitness is 70 press ups and 60 sit ups in 2 mins, and 9:45 mile and a half.

    Other day though i completed all fitness but dropped my jerry can, was absolutly destroyed totally beat me down, wondered is it an instant fail as i have heard if you drop your can at nurturing and at selection, and how hard is it when your there?

    thanks, Phil
  2. It means you suck at life and should go back to working in the spar across the road for the rest of your life.
  3. and you're an immature cadet mong with an attitude - who, incidentally, doesn't seem to be able to remember his own advice from not a fortnight ago:

    we all know you're a cadet. you proved on that thread that you are a complete throbber. well done, you have finally found someone who knows even less than you. it had to happen eventually, you silly little boy.

    the lad asked a genuine question. if you don't know the answer, fuck off back to the cadet hut and play with your blue boot polish.

    fucking tool.
  4. Dropping the jerricans at ADSC is an instant fail Yes, but dont get all wound up about it
    A good grip and a little determination will see you in good stead.
  5. Just try and improve your grip the jerry can walk is all about mental strength and grip actual strength doesn't play much off a part just improve your grip and grin and bear the pain.

    good luck fella
  6. Practice walking around with a pair of 22kg dumbells and buy yourself some hand grippers to improve your grip.
  7. i find that thirty years of almost constant masturbation has helped my grip no end!
  8. you do mean them things that help train your grip?

    because if you turn up with weight lifting gloves they wont let you wear them.
  9. These.

    One of the greatest items to use to improve grip is probably a sandbag, exercising with a sandbang will improve your grip no end, but i'd rather use something to simulate using a jerry can.
  10. improve your grip? why do you think all army toilets come equipped with a stash of porn?
  11. I think he means an aid that exercises your grip. Thus improving it. The ones i have seen are bassically like one of the clamps that go on a bar down the gym. Compressing it improves the musscles used for grip.
  12. *sigh* do you kids not understand sarcasm? because i'm pretty sure chuzu was joking...
  13. But your eyesight has suffered!
  14. When i did the naturing course in york the distance was there and back but when i go to selection in glencourse the distance was there back there back there seemed a lot further to me