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I have just been given some info today about what i will be doing at the ADSC (Icebreaker, 1.5 mile etc) which i knew i would be doing. Anyways it says on it that if you wear glasses or contact lenses then you shouldn't wear them for 7 days before you go. Well seeing as I've just been given this info today, i have wore my contacts everyday, and I'm going up to do selection tomorrow. I was just wondering why they say not to wear them for 7 days before selection? And if it'll be fine wearing them tomorrow then just taking them out when I go for my medical?



In my experience, if you have been wearing glasses and/or contacts continuously for a while, when you take them off it takes a few days for your eyes to readjust.

So basically you will appear a bit blinder when you read the eye chart tomorrow. As long as you don't fail it completely you should be fine. IIRC for short sightedness, it’s about -6. Your best bet is to tell the doctor examining you what the situation is. He should have a copy of your prescription anyway, so as long as he knows why you are calling that small R an E when it’s written down that you should be able to see it you should be alright.

The worst case scenario is that you have to go away and come back to ASDC a few weeks later. This happened to me the first time I went as the doctor didn't even bother showing up!! Its not the end of the world so just be honest. Integrity is one of the core values anyway.

Good Luck tomorrow

Thermo :)


I think you should be ok as long as you tell them the situation straight off just to make sure. You can't walk about blind for a week so I doubt if 7 days is right, sounds too long to me. Try not to wear them for at least 24 hours before you go just to make sure.

You will have to take your glasses and that with you though so don't forget them!!



It allows enough time for your eyes to readjust... the longer you are with out glasses the better it is for your eyes naturally. Glasses just make your eyes lazier and therefore your eyes learn to rely on glasses, when it comes to the eyes test they won't perform (unaided) at full potential unless they have naturally readjusted ;)

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