selection 8th November

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. right ok i need to calm down! absolutely sh**ing myself my selection is coming up in 4 days....8th nov! the slightest bit of advice will be great if anyone can help! my 1.5m run time is 12.13 but my shins are killing me at the moment and its only 4 days away! arghhhh! :(
  2. is that at pirbright?
  3. yer! you going?
  4. Yes, it'll be the second time I've been (got deferred for being 3lb overweight last time!) and I am bricking it too! The most I've ever been able to get my time down to is 12:19 aaarrgghh! What are are you hoping to join?
  5. ah good luck people! I'll be there on the 7th ;o) will be my second time around too due to heart murmur!
  6. BOO!
  7. why did you BOO! ?
  8. can i ask....what did you weigh 1st time round? sorry to hear you got defered! do you reckon you will be ok this time? i'm brickin it! its my whole future on the line its all i wana do! i want to become a medical combat tech! what about you?
  9. you need under 14 minutes. just rest for the next four days. take ibuprofen as the box says to reduce any swelling.

    describe the pain more and you may get a better idea of what to do.
    if its a stress fracture, and you continue to run on it you'll be in serious shit.

    you could neck some painkillers before your run, but you risk doing some serious damage.
  10. oh i'm not telling you how much I weighed being female naturally I'm far too self conscious to say, but I'll be ok this time around for that. I'm hoping to get into the intelligence corps. Like you it's all I want to do as well!! (It's only taken me 8 years since leaving school to realise it!!)

    I'm bricking it more - cos I am no good at the heaves I'll be lucky if I can do 1, and from what I've read on other parts of the training wing people have been doing 10 or more!! I have been trying so hard at the gym, but can't seem to do them unassisted. How are you at them?
  11. the pain is in both shins, like they are both bruised even when im just standing. if i rest for a day they are fine but as soon as i hit the track or teadmill the pain comes back! looks like im going to have to take painkillers because i cant fail i will be devasted! :(
  12. haha yer i wouldn't say my weight either with being a girl! im just as bad at them as you i can just pull two out the bag and i told them in my 2nd interview and they said its fine and it will be best effort! so im just goin to show how much i want this through sweat, tears and pain and hope for the best! what area are you gettin the train from?
  13. Well hopefully then if I'm going purple in the face trying to get chin over them beam it'll show that I'm trying my hardest :-(

    I'm coming from Poole, where are you coming from?
  14. thats for males though. i can knock out 15 or so with no problem, and even some female climbers i know can only do 10 or so.

    if you want to get good, do bicep curls with free weights. bicep strength is a big factor, and also lat. exercises will help.

    also, try to steer away from assisted chin ups. hang from the bar, tense your stomach hard, and pull as hard as you can, and keep pulling. eventually you will be able to do one.

    also, do bent arm chins. dont lower all the way, just so your arm is 90 degrees.
  15. Brilliant, thanks for the extra tips!!