Selection 6th May??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andyhud, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone going to selection at pirbright next week on the 6th?
  2. Looks like its just me then.
  3. There will be others.
    There was about 30 on my selection day. As far as iam aware only 2/3 knew of ARRSE lol.

    Good luck...
  4. im also there the 6th.why?
  5. How you feeling about selection, andyhud?

    Whats your run time like?
  6. Just wanted to get a little group together and get to to know one another before.

    Where you traveling from, and what you joining?
  7. Im feeling pretty confident about the fitness, as ive been training since december last year. Just abit nervous about the interview as that decide my future.

    Also my best 1 1/2 mile team was 8.10 but for some stupid reason ive slowed down and its averaging 9.16 and 9.30 between them anyway. But have no idea how i will perform on the day.

    Like some guys on here said to me, the reason why my time has gone slower is because im doing to much fitness and need to rest.

    Im doing weight traing tonight and then running at 7am tommorrow, then thats it not doing a thing, i need to give my body a rest.

    You going there then?
  8. im traveling from bournemouth and i really want to be part of 1rifles

  9. How you feeling? and whats your run time? (1.5 miles)
  10. im a bit nervous,but just came off a look at life course and that helped quite a run time is between 0900 and 0930.depending on how i feel etc