Selection 30th oct

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mattlee, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. anyone on here going to selection next monday (30th)
    just wondering as it would be kool to no someone in advance
    i no ill make mates there its just easier if you no somebody already..
    so... anyone?
  2. where abouts are you off?
  3. litchfield sorry i forgot to put that ...
  4. good luck mate

    done mine at lichfield 3 weeks ago

    piece of p1ss
  5. are you alowd to take your own calculator for the tst?
    and, or is it a scientific calculator?
  6. I passed mine at lichfield today! :D

    wouldn't call it piss easy, was a bit of a challenge, a few tips my lot lernt the hard way!

    1, hands out of pockets, never cross arms
    2, always call people by rank, learn the ranks, who's sir/ ma'm ect
    3, Just do your best mate, if you do, you'll make it, unless your a mong of course

    good luck!
  7. cheers mate
  8. if you thought RSC was a challenge god help you when ya get to basic lol

    i thought it was a breeze.. everyone on ours got offered a job (apart from the medical deferrals of course)
  9. chris 2006 check pms
  10. jstjake

    did that small corporal with the blonde hair take ya for the grenade throwin??

    he was in the cheshires.. few of the lads on ours didnt like him but i thought he was funny as **** :lol:
  11. yhyh im goin on monday aswel , goodluck m8
  12. I'm off to Glencorse on the 30th of October. 8)
  13. chris, it think now is the time to stop going on about how piss it is at RSC. :) I didn't find it pi$$ either, mostly because i didn't do enough physical prep. But i think if you go to this sort of thing with the attitude of "piece of piss", it'll show as cockiness and the staff will not like that at all... :D
  14. remember the 6 P's ;)
  15. What happened to the six peas?