Selection 23-24th May

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MaidstoneKid, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. Hey i got my selection dates for ATR Pirbright there Wednesday 23rd to Thursday 24th anyone else got those dates, if so reply, good to meet ppl b4 the day lol

  2. 7th of May at Glencorse if there is any Arrsers out there on this date?
  3. I think I will be going to Glencorse on the 7th May. I should have got a phone call at some point this week telling me what date I should go still waiting though :roll:
  4. Al where are you going from?
  5. Glasgow. You ?
  6. Yorkshire. Hopefully I will see you there then if you get your confirmation through for that date. What are you hopeing to join?
  7. Royal Engineers :D . Yourself ?
  8. Signals, systems engineer technician, I did look at RE though, I was looking at one of the geo jobs, I have three points on my license though so count me out lol
  9. I'm going on the 7th too :thumright:
  10. Crescent, What are you joining and where are you travelling from?
  11. RAC!

    Coming from oh-so-sunny Lancashire
  12. Feeling ready then?
  13. Aye, more or less, just worried about my right knee - cracks/grinds sometimes from an old rugby injury, just hope it doesn't go in the medical :|

    You all ready?
  14. Yeah fitness is good enough, though I am revising hard for the maths, I hear its basically the GCSE syllabus and it is four years since I sat GCSE's, so hard work needed. I have to get 35 out of 50 for my trade so I think that should be easy enough.
  15. Cool, I'm going back into my old High School again to go over maths bits with my old teacher - I think I've done about 10 sums in 3 years since I left :D