selection 21-22 may

I just got back from lichfield last night, had a really good time up there. advice i can give is be honest, confident, and give it your best. There where about 36 of us up there and i would say atleast 25 of us passed :). If anyone has any questions about selection pm me and i will answer as soon as possible.
tothepubandbeyond said:
fellez08 said:
no it hasnt closed yet because im going lol
n no i wow stop usin the chavvy tlk u *
Wow. You'll get far with that attitude.
"Right, to your right you'll see a board. There's a list of subheadings, stand there, hands behind back, work your way through."

"Right lads. Me name is tothepubandbeyond init. I.."

"Stop there. Start again, and use the queens English."

"F**k off Corporal, I will talk how I want."


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