Selection 1st October

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Skitch, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Sorry for another Selection post.

    Off to ATR Lichfield, just wondering if i can get an insight on how many times you have to be among the infantry as a Combat Engineer as a Military Engineer (Fitter General)?

    P.S. Good luck to anyone else going too!
  2. Can you look through your post and rewrite it, or do you mean what youve written :?
  3. I mean what i've written, why? 8O
  4. because it doesn't make any sense. what do you mean "be amongst the infantry"?
  5. Thought that would have made sense, Sorry! I'll rephrase that.

    Quoted from Military Engineer (Fitter General) Job description: "They may also be called upon to fight as an infantryman."

    Just wondering how often you will be called upon to fight in the infantry, sorry it wasnt clear last time :)
  6. Thats an impossible question to answer, how longs a peice of string?
  7. You won't fight as a member of an infantry section that belongs to another regiment, if that's what you are asking.

    It means you could be called upon to do an infantrymans job, but with other engineers. Which was rare when I left two years ago, if you were a member of a normal Engineer Regt (as in not 59/9), but I imagine in the time I've left it is probably more usual now.

  8. Not impossible.

    It's the same distance from the centre to both ends!!
  9. But I asked how long it was... So if you were in the field and you got asked "how far to that tree over there' you'd say well its the same distance from the middle to both ends?
  10. Exactly!!

    You catch on quick!
  11. I sure hope I dont get posted with you LOL! anyone this is completley off subject.... that sort of question is impossible to answer mate ( too the topic poster )
  12. Wahhhh!!

    You judge distance by imagining a football field, as its 100m long, and guestimate from that.
  13. It is indeed one of those questions where you cant really get the most direct answer, but thanks Amazing_lobster for your info ;)
  14. actually, a football pitch has got to be between 90 to 120 metres :p as not all football pitches are the same length :p :p :p
  15. Spotter!!