Selection 15th Sept Icebreaker

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I have have selection at ADSC Pirbright on the 15th Sept 09 and wanted to see if anyone else here has the same date? secondly I just wanted to see if my icebreaker is detailed enough?

Hi my name is mod edit. I am 21 years old. I live in Brighton. I live at home with my parent and 3 younger brothers. I currently work in Mcdonalds, it is such a fantastic job! on my first day someone said that working for Mcdonalds was better than sex, I can assure you it isn't. Before that I used to work in a dry cleaners. Prior to this I was my grandfathers carer since I left school. My interests include running and football. I have prepared for selection by doing BMF classes. I have competed in some off road trail races. I want to join the Army and join the Parachute Regiment as I want to learn, develop and grow as a person and I believe the Army can help me achieve this. The reason I want to join the Parachute Regiment is that the fitness standards are higher and I want to test myself against the best.
At Pirbright, you stand in front of a board with a load of questions on and you just answer them, anything you've learnt goes out the window.

Then at the end the NCO that's with you at the time will ask some more questions on what you've said.

Questions on the board are an introduction of you, how your family feel about you joining, what you're joining and what that entails, what training have you done to prepare, most memorable moment in your life (pick something crap and they'll rip you to shreads).


Don't post your full name on this website and use the ADSC sticky as this has been asked numerous times before. Fail!
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