Selection 1 1/2 run!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Deanizere2oo9, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. i got my selection in 1 week and i get about 11mins,30secs and i was hoping to get to 10 but my feet are starting to hurt alot will running shoes help me on the day get a better time ? I heard they should improve my performance and stamina is this true before i go spend £50 on some?
  2. To be honest with you, i wouldn't, in basic you get issued some nikey pro's or some thing else, so personally i don't see the point
  3. In my experience i would say that you will be definately feel the beneifts of the extra padding and cushioning that you will get from running shoes. It'll help take the impact off your joints when running so it's definately worth getting a pair.

  4. its not just the basic training im onabout making sure a get my time in selection because at the moment i run 1.5mile per night on the prom. And at selection im guessing ill be running on grass and mud etc.... so i want to get that 10mins run so itll give me 2 1/2 mins spare.
  5. oo right, buy some run, keep at it and take the pain, to an extent of course
    if you're at pirbright, i was imformed last night, that it's on road, twice round a route

    don't hold me to it
  6. Ahh the first run ever i did with normal trainers i got 11:2 but the i been getting worse and worse so i got 1 week to sort my self out im so ******* nervous.
  7. Youre talking bollox. 1 week might not help get your run time down , but having them for after selection will help you get it down before phase one. Getting issued trainers in basic will help training before basic how , exactly?

    Proper running shoes will reduce your chance of injury , and can really help. Well worth it in my experience, also worth getting them fitted from a proper sports shop.
  8. Always worth spending a bit extra and getting a tidy pair of running shoes IMO. Speaking from experience running in cheap n nasty ones or fashion trainers will just end up in injuries.
  9. Whatever happend to Silver Shadows? Has the army started to take care of it's recruits?
  10. silver shadows thats if you where lucky , if you where unlucky you got them classic dark an light green numbers
  11. Where's basic training these days? Butlin's! - Silver Shadows for the win :)
  12. Aha.. before my time