Selecting 3 units

Tomorrow im off to the careers office to fill in my application form and additional forms etc.

Will i have to choose my 3 job choices then or is it later in the process??

Also what are the chances of getting your first choice - mine being the QRL's
This probably isn't much help but until someone else replies here goes.

When it came to choosing my trade at the careers office I only picked one (can you guess which one?). I didn't entertain the idea of other choices cause for me it was that or nothing. When you pick yours its worthwhile asking yourself if you would be happy doing any other job, or whether you simply want to get in no matter what? This could make an important difference as if you find yourself with a choice you didn't really have any interest in you may simply drop out when the going gets tough in training - cause whats the point for a job you don't want?, or else quit after your four years as you didn't get to fufill your dream to do whatever it is you wanted to do.

Please, pick very carefully for everyone's sake, not least of all yours. Its your life after all.

Oh, just to make clear so I'm not misrepresenting myself, I'm not in yet - done the selection centre and still waiting for the nursing board.

Good Luck,
Oh, to actually answer part of you question.

I seem to remember I officially picked my job choice after the barb test - ie so they could show me which ones I was eligible for.
On your first visit the choices should be explained and it would be useful if you had some idea of the job you want.
The final decision is made on completion of the BARB test and reaching the necessary standards for that job at Selection.
I know what trade i want to do i want to join the RAC in RECCE,

but theres many recce units QRL's are the ones i want to join but there are others i could go into.

Can i just select QRL's if iwanted to?

Anyone know?
you will choose your 3 job choices in your first interview after your medical as been cleared, well that was what happened with me anyway.
There are only a couple of Recce units, HCR, LDs, QDGs, that I know of, admittedly the roles of QDG & QRL change fairly regularly from MBT to Recce & vice versa, all MBT regts have a recce troop though.
MrNurse said:
Please, pick very carefully for everyone's sake, not least of all yours. Its your life after all.
Obviously it is better all round if you make the right choice from the outset however you are able to 're-allocate' once you start training is you decide that life for you is not in chosen career. 'Re-allocation' process obviously depends on you having the rights quals and GTI score along with a series of interviews normally conducted at your ATR and by a rep for new Cap Badge.

Therefore, do not panic if you think you have made a mistake later.
Nice one, presume you left a while ago as the QRL's formed in 93 didn't they?

Did they still have a recce troop when you was 16/5l or were they MBT or something else
16/5L were purely Recce, the change to MBT was a reason for a lot of lads jumping ship, plus the offers of a hod of cash for most of the seniors! Recce is a nice mix between Armour and Infantry, you get to do the warry stuff without as much foot slogging! :D

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