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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wolfguru, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. hi all just wondering if anyone could help i along with a few others have been selected for promotion and was wondering although we are not wearing the rank yet will we still get paid it and is it just a case of PIDs why we are not wearing yet. also what sort of pay increase should i expect thanks for the help.

    PS we are REME VMs
  2. It's down to PiDs, seniority, position on the Corps board and finally...Voodoo mumbo jumbo!
  3. This is information you clearly should be able to get through your chain of command. God bless my Corps. (former)
  4. i was under the impression that for vm cfn and lcpl was the same pid. i may be wrong though
  5. Your typing ability offends me greatly.
  6. Well done on promotion, may you have many more.
  7. You are wrong.

    Some PIDs are rank-ranged Cfn-LCpl (and there are specific rules governing the date of promotion in rank-ranged PIDs).

    Most aren't rank-ranged. If you have spare PIDs in your Unit and you will promote into one of them it may well be that promotion is backdated to 1 Oct (start of promotion year) and thus you will be paid wef that date, other than that you will get paid from when you start wearing. The peculiarity for VMs (and some other REME trades) is that on selection promotion to LCpl bokes are often not far from being sent on their Class 1 course which makes posting on promotion difficult as it could be that they would only be in the new unit for a few months before having to relocate to SEME.

    This is something you should be asking your CoC about and not punters on ARRSE - many of which don't have a clue, but have 'heard of a mate who.....'
  8. Only if the PID is rank ranged and as far as I'm aware its not always so.
  9. You have been selected for promotion so no you will not get paid for it until the day you are wearing the rank.